New Segway Delivery Robot

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Segway is branching out from its eponymous ‘personal transporters’ with a lineup of delivery robots.

Ninebot, the parent of Segway, is debuting its first-ever autonomous delivery robot, called Loomo Delivery, alongside a new scooter.

Loomo is designed to make deliveries in buildings and malls, using artificial intelligence to make sure they’re dropped off at the right location.

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Segway is branching out from its 'personal transporters' with a lineup of delivery robots. Ninebot is debuting a delivery robot, called Loomo Delivery, alongside a new scooter

The company envisions Loomo being used for last-mile delivery with food, packages and other items.

They look similar to other delivery robots, with a touchscreen on the top that the user can interact with and a dome-shaped body with wheels that it can roll around on.

A camera is also integrated into the device to help it see.

Drawers near the top of the device are used to hold any items being delivered.

‘Our services will revolutionize the delivery industry, making last-mile delivery more efficient, reliable, simplistic and fun,’ Segway explained on its website.

‘The robot comes with various replaceable containers used to transport different kinds of goods from food to packages.

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