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The Common Constitutionalist is unique in that it offers not just conservative commentary and analysis from myself and others, but a blend of politics, history, arts, science and humor. Who ever said conservatives aren’t funny? Yeah, I know…most people. Brent writes a weekly exclusive article for World Net Daily. He is a contributing writer for The Daily Caller, the Blaze, Tulsa World, Freedom Outpost, John Hawkin’s Right Wing News, USSA News, Conservative Truth and many more. He has been a guest commentator on various radio programs.

Take a look at some of the more popular political articles such as: Newt is Not a Conservative or Manifesto, Then and Now. Perhaps a history article such as: The Great DepressionA More Violent World Is Obama’s Fault and In Defense of The Donald.

Brent has written extensively on the scourge of radical Islam including: The Project, The Project Part Deux and Avoid Islamic Halal Products.

Although I’m not a scientist, an artist, nor a photographer, all these topics interest me. Here are a few of the most viewed examples: The Hulk Protein, Rare Photos, Rolling Stones, Don’t Try This at Home