Water on the Moon?

Astronomers have detected molecular water on the Moon
Astronomers have detected molecular water on the Moon
NASA/Goddard/Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Astronomers have detected water on the Moon. While that statement might sound all too familiar in recent years, previous reports were based on spectral signatures that could have been other related compounds – this time, the detection is unambiguously water, in the molecular form we need.

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Moon May Have Sustainable Water

When you think of the moon you might picture a dry, desolate, rocky place, but recent evidence has been putting this idea to the test.

A new study shows the surface of the moon has more water than we thought, suggesting the interior of our natural satellite could hold a deep reservoir of water.

This new finding bolsters the idea that the lunar mantle is surprisingly water-rich, which could make colonising it for future space exploration much easier.

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Pictured is a map of water molecules on the moon in the morning and midday, crafted by reading how certain wavelengths of light are reflected or absorbed at its surface. The warmer colors show where there is more water on the lunar surface (credit: TU Dortmund) read more