Republicans Reveal Their Plan to Crush Conservatives

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Well, this past weekend, the establishment wing of the Republican Party finally laid its cards on the table. They’ve finally thrown off the veil of faux conservatism to show the entire world just who they really are. The question is – are we now smart enough to see them for who they are?

With the passage of the CROmnibus in the House, during the lame-duck session, they’ve shown that they don’t care a whit about their conservative base, or the American people in general.

Few in the House objected (Louis Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, etc.) and once again it was up to Ted Cruz (and Mike Lee) in the Senate to tell the truth.

Well, here’s another truth regarding CROmnibus. Some of you may already be aware of it.

Remember when Mitch McConnell said during the last primary season that he wanted to crush the Tea Party – that they (we) wouldn’t win a single primary – that they (the ruling class) will be the Tea Party everywhere? read more

No More Compromise for This Conservative

by: the Common Constitutionalist

For the first time I had to switch off the Rush Limbaugh radio show. I can’t recall ever having to do that, and I’ve been listening since George H.W. Bush was president. He was positively schizophrenic.

The topic was a Politico article regarding a potential Republican victory and the impact of the establishment Republicans on the party. The piece by Alexander Burns begins with him stating: “For the Republican Party’s leadership, taking control of the U.S. Senate might not even be the sweetest part of a victory in 2014.”

And what could be sweeter than that? What could be sweeter than ousting Harry Reid? Well, blowing up the conservatives in the party. He quoted GOP Senate Whip John Cornyn: “Where we ran into problems was that small sliver of the party insisted on nominating people who could win the primary but couldn’t win the general,” Cornyn said of the past two election cycles. Of the party’s successful 2014 course correction, Cornyn said: “I promise you it’s a lesson we will not forget.”

In other words, conservative Republicans need not apply. We don’t want you to run. What they do want is for us to just vote for these hacks, then sit down, shut up and let them govern. read more

Conservatives Are like Terrorists… Who Knew?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Wednesday evening I decided to watch a much commercialed debut of the television show “Legends” on TNT. It’s kind of a Cop/FBI/CIA/secret agent show.

Anyway, the star, an FBI agent, or whoever he was, played by Sean Bean from Game of Thrones, which I’ve never seen, has for months been undercover in a gang of homegrown terrorists, attempting to uncover their dastardly plot. Were these terrorists and al-Qaeda sleeper cell? Nope. Maybe they were converts to radical Islam? Uh… No. Could they have been the second coming of the Weather Underground? Maybe Bill Ayers came out of retirement?

No – these were a group of all white, hillbilly looking, camo wearing antigovernment militia. Why of course they were, because that’s the number one threat to America – or is it the Tea Party?

It must be nice for the left to have a tailor-made threat as a fallback whenever they need a bad guy, or group of them. The only thing missing were the swastika armbands and portraits of Hitler adorning their hideout.

It’s funny that with all the radical elements both here and abroad, they picked the one who has never really done much of anything. read more

Set Adrift Without A Party

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Yes, we are the RINOs, the Republicans-In Name Only. Quite an astute observation by Erik Erickson from Wednesday’s RedState Morning Brief.

He was of course speaking of the Mississippi Republican Senate primary between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. Everyone is. Well, not everyone. I’m sure TMZ or Entertainment TV nary gave it a whisper.

No, I’m speaking of us geeks. You know, we, who actually care about preserving what’s left of the United States. We, who are more concerned with the deteriorating state of our country than the ‘R’ or the ‘D’ that follows our name.

At this point, after Tuesday night, I think it’s safe to say we really don’t have an affiliation.

You might say – what about the Tea Party? Well, I suppose, but that’s not a party. It’s a set of ideals, of principles, a movement.

So, if this is what our once great antislavery party – the party of Lincoln, of Coolidge and Reagan has morphed into, I want no part of it.

The establishment Republicans, it seems, have officially chosen sides and figuratively taken up arms against us. In essence, they have declared war against conservatives. read more

Tea Party Continues Winning

The following is a rather interesting, upbeat view of the conservative position that we (me included) sometimes lose sight of, in the post-McConnell win over Matt Bevin. It’s something to reflect upon. I sure will.  I was reminded yesterday that although the McConnell win appeared to be a beat down of the Tea Party movement, he only garnered 60% of the vote to Bevin’s 40%. In other words, a man we didn’t even know a year ago, took almost half of the votes from a powerful, long standing member of the establishment.


from The American Thinker:

Tea Party Continues Winning

Yes, you heard that right.  The tea party is (still) winning, even during and after this year’s 2014 Republican primary season. 

The tea party is not a political party. It never has been. The tea party never set as its goal defeating every single incumbent Republican officeholder. The fact that the tea party has taken the scalps of about 50 House Democrats in the 2010 election and several giants in the Republican establishment during 2010 and 2012 is a bonus. That is far in excess of what the tea party movement ever expected to accomplish.

The tea party movement was born in the Spring of 2009, out of Rick Santelli’s famous rant on CNBC on February 18, 2009, calling on citizens to gather and throw tea into Lake Michigan near Chicago as a tea party protest. A few activists claim credit for hatching precursor efforts earlier than that, mainly supporters of Ron Paul.  But Rick Santelli’s nationwide television broadcast was the rocket’s blastoff. read more

We Get What We Deserve

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So here we are, less than a day removed from a McConnell victory in Kentucky. Let the establishment gloating begin, for now.

So this is what will happen if McConnell wins reelection and the Republicans take control of the Senate.

John Boehner will remain Speaker of the House and McConnell will become Senate majority leader. The establishment will lock up the government and will then be free to collude with Harry Reid and the Democrats behind closed doors.

Obamacare will absolutely become a permanent fixture and will not be recalled, replaced or defunded in any way. Rather, the new Republican majority will suggest and promote little changes that merely trim around the edges of the disaster, like trimming the crust off slice of bread. It just appears to be more palatable, but is still just a piece of bread. It will be a nationwide VA medical system for all.

By reelecting these clowns, there are evidently enough people in America that believe themselves to be have-nots and more than enough Republican voters who are dumb enough to be fooled by the old establishment.

Are Republicans that vote for the old guard RINOs really too stupid to see that going along to get along never works for long? Eventually one must make a stand or fall or join in the mayhem. read more

Another Disagreement with a Conservative Icon

by: the Common Constitutionalist

If you’re a member of the Tea Party or are simply a conservative, no doubt you’ve heard the following: Oh you idealists – you have to live in the real world. You must be more pragmatic. You have to be willing to occasionally compromise and those we elect must understand that they will have to work with the Democrats at some point to build bipartisan coalitions… wait for it… “To Get Things Done”.

Well, “getting things done” can mean different of things to different people.

To us conservatives, getting things done means cutting the size of government – I mean slashing it like Warren G Harding and Calvin Coolidge did. It means cutting government spending. I mean really cutting – not just a slight decrease of a massive spending increase (baseline budgeting).

It also means doing what is necessary to save the Republic in the face of a real or perceived public backlash (mostly perceived).

Yes, I understand that occasionally one has to compromise, but compromise shouldn’t be synonymous with surrender. What we have in the Republican leadership of both the House and Senate is just that – two halves of the Republican surrender coalition.

So, once again, I must do what I hoped I would never have to – strongly disagree with one of my heroes, Dr. Thomas Sowell.

In his recent article, “Facts and Factions” he is, in effect, defending and supporting the Republican establishment and doing so out of what I can only describe as fear. read more

Of Ann & Rand

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Ann Coulter was recently on the Sean Hannity television program.


The interview started friendly but quickly turned rather contentious. Coulter told Sean, “If we don’t elect Republicans; I don’t care which Republicans, we will not repeal Obamacare.”


So Ann, are you saying if we elect a Senate full of John McCains, Mitch McConnells and Lindsey Grahams, we will repeal Obamacare? Really?


I’ll answer that. Not a chance! That’s the answer.


She went on to say that we shouldn’t be fighting against Republicans. And then said, actually shouted, that the Republicans, if they gain a majority will balance the budget and do all these conservative things.


Where’s the proof of that? There is none. As a matter of fact, there is the exact opposite, solid proof that they won’t. read more

Football and Politics

by: the Common Constitutionalist 

Imagine if you will, it is the day after the Super Bowl. Oh, that’s right, it is. Now imagine that the Broncos beat the Seahawks rather handily. Hopefully that will not actually happen. Go Seahawks!

UPDATE: Okay. Now that we know the outcome, the following sounds a bit absurd, but the moral of the story remains.


The scene is set for the morning after press conferences. And now let’s hear what some of the games losers had to say. We take you now to the Seattle Seahawks. First up – Coach Pete Carroll. “Thank you all for being here. I have a short prepare statement and will take no questions. First, I don’t think Coach Fox of the Broncos played by the rules. Second, it was the decision of me and my coaching staff not to fight hard in this game. That’s not what the American people wanted to see. We thought it more important to compromise with the Broncos staff and allow them score at will. But I say here and now. Wait until the next time we meet. We will surely make a stand and win the game. Thank you.”


“Um… Okay. Next up – the always outspoken Seahawks cornerback – Richard Sherman.” read more

Schumer’s Plan to Abolish the Tea Party

This article is fairly long but well worth the read:


The Democrats’ new much-vaunted master plan for annihilating the Tea Party movement calls for aggressive class warfare, demagoguery, and lying about the beliefs, motives, and goals of Tea Party supporters, Sen. Chuck Schumer revealed yesterday.

Echoing President Obama’s infamous “bitter clingers” remarks, the New York Democrat argued that Tea Party supporters are cartoonish figures who are easily ridiculed.

Invoking all the usual liberal cliches about conservatives, Schumer said the Tea Party is successor to “the Know-Nothings, Prohibitionists, Father Coughlin, and Huey Long.” In other words, he believes the movement is a collection of hicks, yahoos, neo-Luddites, fascists, male chauvinists, and racists fearful of what leftist academics might call The Other.

“Tea Party adherents see an America that’s not reflective of themselves, and the America they have known, and they just don’t like it.” They are bothered by changes in the “cultural, technological, and demographic makeup” of the nation. It angers them that “white Anglo-Saxon men are exclusively not running the country anymore.”

Schumer said his fellow Democrats in the U.S. Senate plan to subject the public to a massive, presumably very boring post-constitutional civics lesson from now until the congressional elections in November. read more