Simulations Do Not the Climate Make

By: the Common Constitutionalist

You know, in a murder mystery, there’s always at least one dupe that is convinced that the killer just can’t be the killer. One person who wants to believe so badly, that the facts are just “inconvenient” – he just refuses to see the truth!

These are the kinds of people that the “Climate Change” snake oil merchants seek out and fund to the tune of billions of dollars. No matter what the facts are; no matter what the climate does, some Kool-Aid drinker will always “find” proof that it is caused by man, usually by running a computer simulation.

The latest proof of global warming, or Climate Change, or whatever, are the North and South Poles. One is losing sea ice, one is gaining sea ice, one is melting from the bottom up, the other growing.

See, the thing about the poles is that they are constantly shifting. The South Pole, Antarctica is growing, while the North Pole, the Arctic, is shrinking (I don’t buy it). In other words, the local “climates” are constantly changing. They never stay the same, from year-to-year.

There have always been and, as long as we’ve had the two pole landmasses, will always, be ebbs and flows, shrinkage and growth in the ice. It’s not dirt or rock – it’s frozen water – a little more susceptible to warming and cooling.

So as the Antarctic grows and the Arctic shrinks (and I’m not sure it is) our hyper controlling government only has to find Kool-Aid drinking “men of science”, like NASA scientist Walt Meier who simply state that growing Antarctic sea ice is less significant a measure than is declining Arctic sea ice, cause…you see…um…it’s harder to explain growing ice due to global warming, you know…so we’ll just claim it to be insignificant. read more