Tucker Talks Nation Building

Tucker Carlson of Fox News unveils our planets newest nation – CHAZ, the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, the tiniest nation on Earth – encompassing a mere seven blocks, at least so far.

Don’t mistake CHAZ for downtown Seattle. It’s it own entity, not under the control of the Mayor of Seattle. Instead, CHAZ is under the benevolent control of Warlord Raz Simone.

Enjoy the eye-opening video: read more

Audio Podcast – Seattle’s Hose Problem – Let’s talk Climate Change Again

by: Brent Smith

Seattle’s homeless – slash – feces problem:

A lot of major cities have this problem. Crap and drug needles all over the streets, sidewalks – everywhere. And it’s a constant battle about how to get rid of it.

Well, in Seattle, the thought is to power wash the crap into the street storm drains and wash it away. Sounds like a reasonable and economic solution – right?

Well, one city councilman in Seattle says that they can’t use hoses to wash away the crap, because it will bring back memories and images of when racists used fire hoses to put down blacks in the South.

How about a little something on Climate Change:

Notice that literally no one is calling it global warming anymore. Think that’s by accident?

Climate Change is one of the only true constants. If the public would just use their brains, they would realize this and then figure out that this whole scare is nothing but politically and financially motivated. And believe you me, it is scaring people.

But if man disappeared tomorrow, the climate would just go on changing like it’s done since Earth developed a climate.

The Sun would continue to do what it does, the Moon’s orbit will continue to shift, the continents will continue to move, ocean currents will continue to shift, as will wind patterns. All contribute to an ever-changing climate. And there’s not a thing we can do to stop or prevent it. read more

Seattle Proves that Government is Always the Problem – Never the Solution

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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You may have heard of the new tax being levied on companies in the Seattle area. IBD reports that the Seattle Politburo (city council), “unanimously passed a ‘head tax’ of $275 per full-time worker on any company in the city that makes more than $20 million in gross revenues. The city says the $48 million in new taxes will go toward affordable housing and providing emergency services for the city’s swelling homeless population.”

Allow me to translate. The $48 million in new taxes will go toward, but not quite make it to its final destination. Oh, some of will be used to build “affordable housing” and provide “emergency” services, but a good percentage will likely be siphoned off and spent on increasing the size of the Seattle bureaucracy and increased regulation. It’s what liberal statists do. They see a pile of money and recklessly spend it. They also regulate, to the point of strangulation. It will be déjà-vu all over again. read more

Podcast – The Sugar Tax – A Study of Cartoon Dialect

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

The city of Seattle Washington has just instituted a massive tax on sugary beverages that is already hitting consumers hard. The tax is almost doubling the cost of sugary drinks. Consumers and small businesses are upset by it, but matters not to the Nanny State politicians and egg heads who are doing this for our own good.

Two academics have taken it upon themselves to study the dialects of childrens’ cartoon characters, and have found something both startling and apparently disturbing. Virtually all good guys (and girls) portrayed in cartoons have American accents, but villains are predominantly represented with English accents. This, they say, is a problem, because, as we know, Americans, particularly white Americans, are not supposed to be the good guys. read more

Seattle Proposes $15 Minimum Wage

from the American Thinker:

Seattle’s proposal to adopt a $15 an hour minimum wage has some economic experts asking if it will doom Seattle’s economy.

Even Slate’s business and economics correspondent, Jordan Weissmann, questions the wisdom of adopting such a precipitous increase:

Yesterday, Murray announced a plan that would gradually raise Seattle’s minimum wage to $15 an hour and tie it to inflation, which won approval from a large committee of business and labor leaders, as well as some city council members. Today, Washington state’s minimum is a comparatively piddly $9.32. read more

Socialist In Seattle

Are we all socialists now? This article is a classic representation of how little most people know about business. Half of me actually hopes they could pull something like this off. It would be fun to watch the failure in action. The other half knows it’s wrong to think that way.

After Boeing, it’s on to Microsoft! It will make sense in a minute.


From RedState:

At a rally on Monday, Seattle’s newly-elected Socialist councilwoman, Kshama Sawant, accused Boeing of “economic terrorism” should the company decide not to build the new 777X in Puget Sound and urged the union members to “take over the factories.”

Her comments follow the members of the Machinists’ union in Puget Sound rejecting a Boeing offer that had been negotiated secretly with the company by IAM international officials from the union’s headquarters near Washington, DC.

IAM officials reportedly negotiated the tentative deal with Boeing in an effort to ensure the assembly of Boeing’s new 777X in Puget Sound. read more

The Left’s Seeming Desire to be Offended

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Just when we thought we have seen or heard it all, the lefties surprise us. The recent declaration by Seattle city officials to ban a couple of perfectly harmless and reasonable words is predictably ridiculous. I guess it’s not surprising given the current tone in this country.


I’m sure it’s strictly coincidental that word ban fever only leans one direction. Cracker, teabagger, etc. are all still perfectly acceptable.


No doubt you’re aware that the words “citizen” and “brownbag” have been recently removed from Seattle residents vocabulary due to the historically offensive double meanings of said words.


The cease and desist order of the word “citizen” should be obvious considering the pandering by many in the political class to illegal aliens. Although I thought citizenship was the aspiration of all these “undocumented residents”. Isn’t that what Rubio, Ryan et al. have been telling us? Now we find out it’s offensive? Go figure.


A “brownbag” is apparently offensive to blacks because of a practice called the brownbag test where a person held up a brownbag to gauge the blackness of another. I agree; that is offensive. What most of these Seattle lefties neglect to explain, assuming they know the truth, is the test was apparently conducted by light-skinned blacks to discriminate against those of darker skin, not white on black discrimination. That must be why the bag was developed; not to hold one’s lunch. And it’s brown due to racist bag producers. Not that a brownbag is a lot less expensive to produce than a white one.


More and more we are becoming a society of pansies. Oh, did that offend someone? Probably. Those on the left seem to have so much time on their collective hands that they can now sit around and look for ways to be offended. It’s as if they aren’t satisfied unless they are offended.


Well, there must be an answer to this growing lingual scourge and I believe I’ve come up with the answer.


I recently saw that Google is going to attempt to develop a universal translator, inspired by the show and movies Star Trek. Someone speaks into the translator and it translates their words into the desired language automatically.


I say they scrap the project in favor of a far more important one; the “Nonoffensive Language Translator”. Us crackers may simply spew are hate filled rhetoric into the translator and voilà, outcomes the flowery politically correct speech of the left. Utopia!


I’ll bet David Howard, a DC mayoral aide wished he had one in 1999. He was a cracker, probably still is. During a budget meeting he used the term “niggardly”, which means stingy or miserly. Not bothering to ask the meaning or look it up, a black colleague lodged a race complaint and 10 days later cracker Howard was history.


You might ask, when the meaning was explained to the black colleague why was the complaint not dropped? Unlike being pregnant, to the left, once a protected class is offended, that’s it. There is evidently no way to abort the offense, as it were.


I can hardly wait to see what words they “outlaw” next. Any guesses?