Are the North Korean Threats Different This Time?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Tensions between North and South Korea are nothing new. The problem isn’t the continued tension and bluster from the North – it’s the ever eroding sanity of North Korean leaders. Every new leader appears to be more unhinged than the last.

So maybe we should concern ourselves a little less with the lunatics in Iran, at least for the time being, and a bit more about the increased tensions between the two Koreas and the unhinged North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. After all, Iran is only working on developing nuclear weapons, whereas, according to the latest Chinese estimates, North Korea could have 20 warheads today and 40 by 2016, surpassing the estimates of most U.S. experts.

So what put North Korea’s knickers in a twist? Well, actually, as is always the case, North Korea started it. See, free democracies never attack their neighbors. Wars are started by communist or fascist aggression, either through a need to expand their power and influence, or utter paranoia and belief in their own propaganda.

South Korea  “began blasting anti-North Korean propaganda on the border earlier this month, days after landmine explosions wounded two South Korean soldiers along the DMZ, resuming a tactic that both sides had stopped in 2004.” read more