Walter Williams Warned Us

by: Brent Smith

For his first ever episode of Life, Liberty & Levin, Mark had the great economist and constitutionalists, and one my heroes, Walter Williams.

The following video is over two years old, but it could air tonight and be just as relevant, and frankly maybe more.

With the coronavirus not even in full swing yet , according to “experts,” our governments, mostly local and State, and with zero input from the citizenry, have begun to erode our freedoms and liberties at a staggering pace.

Now I would less concerned if I thought these government usurpations were strictly temporary or a one-off event.

But mark my words – bookmark this if you like. This event, this “crisis”, this opportunity, will not be wasted. Heck, the democrats have admitted that this virus is a perfect moment to “reshape” the nation to fit their image of it.

This “crisis” has set the precedent. And now that it has and officials have witnessed how easy it is to just take over, next time there is even a perceived emergency, watch how fast they institute even more draconian restrictions. read more