Video Podcast – Republicans Propose Surrender – It’s What they Do!

by: Brent Smith

Read & React – I found this article at Breitbart. It’s about how a group of French Republicans (h/t: Mark Levin) are promoting their very own amnesty giveaway bill.

But hey – this is what Republicans do. They don’t have the spine or the will to fight for us, so they just water down the democrat proposal figuring we’ll be grateful that it doesn’t appear as bad, and then we’ll support it and them.

They use this tactic more often than not. They can’t continue to get away with this! read more

McCain’s Hatred of Trump is Stronger than Friendship

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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John McCain is in a familiar position. He is once again back with his people. John has regained his status as the darling of the leftist media. Just the way he likes it.

The Maverick, as he’s been known in the past, is normally the definition of a republican establishment hack. Yet he has now bucked his own party not once, but twice, with his two dramatic “no votes” on beginning the process of at least curtailing ObamaCare.

Let’s be clear. This was not an ObamaCare repeal vote. But remember – an object in motion tends to stay in motion. If this is all we can get – at least it’s motion.

Recall his first no vote as he strode to the floor of the Senate chambers to give his cinematic thumbs down – mic drop and walk-off.

If the Senate had performance awards, like the Emmys or Oscars, he would surely have won one. read more

Republicans May Prefer the Devil They Know

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Might the establishment republican power brokers actually prefer Ted Cruz to Donald Trump? The left wing website Yahoo News thinks so.

Could it really be that the country club, French republicans (hat tip – Mark Levin) line up behind the most hated Senator in world history? According to Matt Bai at Yahoo, the republicans may very well decide they prefer “the devil they know to the daredevil they don’t.”

Bai says, “in conversations with a half dozen of the leading Republican strategists and lobbyists this week, it became clear that a solid consensus is forming as to which guy they would rather see get the keys.”

It’s beginning to look like Bai may be right. Heck, even Lindsey Graham, the poster child of the jelly filled center of the party has warmed to Cruz – something I certainly would have never guessed. Graham went from likening the choice between Trump and Cruz as a one between being shot or poisoned, to him saying: “I can’t believe I would say yes, but yes,” to rallying around Cruz. read more

The Left and Right Are Saddened by Lindsey’s Exit

by: the Common Constitutionalist

It cased you missed it, and it was easy to do, Lindsey Graham has pulled out of the race to become our next president. I’m sure it was a difficult decision, being that he was beginning to pick up momentum. He was after all, gaining in the polls – at last I checked, he had reached the zero percent threshold.

Both the radical left and establishment right are saddened by the news of Graham’s departure. The Weekly Standard, who never met a big government progressive they didn’t like, wrote yesterday of their regret. Michael Warren expressed his disappointment in his article entitled “3 Reasons Lindsey Graham Dropping Out Matters.”

“First, Graham leaves the presidential field without a candidate who has served in the armed forces,” writes Warren. In years gone by I have also expressed my desire to always elect a Commander in Chief with at least some sort of military background or service. But in recent years – certainly recent election cycles, my opinion has changed.

It’s one thing to trust Colonel Allen West as Commander in Chief, but another entirely to elect the likes of John Kerry or John McCain. John Kerry was a disaster from the start and his post Vietnam stance and behavior bordered on traitorous, in my opinion. McCain served with distinction and was a war hero, despite what Trump claims. But McCain sold his soul to the establishment devil long ago, which more than offsets his military qualifications. Lindsey Graham did the same, which makes Warren’s lament pointless. read more

Establishment Republicans Say Rollover on Immigration

from Breitbart:

While liberal activists keep pushing Democrats to make more concessions regarding the flood of illegal immigrant children across the border, GOP consultants in D.C. are suggesting that Republicans roll over and approve President Barack Obama’s request for $3.7 billion without any concessions.

And they are doing so to liberal outlets like the Huffington Post.

Since only $400 million of those funds would actually go to strengthen border security, Republicans have been wary of giving the Obama administration a “blank check” without getting some concessions, like having National Guard troops on the border or changing a 2008 law that prevents the federal government from immediately deporting illegal immigrants who are not from Mexico or Canada. read more