Think You’ve been Eating Organic? Think Again

Who’s heard this? “You really should eat organic. It’s much healthier and better for the planet.”

Sure it is.

But maybe it isn’t, and maybe you don’t really even know what you’re eating.

As many know, I am a full blown skeptic of the “organic” lifestyle. I personally think it’s a crock. But hey, if that’s the way you want to live, and waste your hard-earned money, knock yourself out.

But are you really? Are you heading home from Whole Foods, with an electric car filled with life saving organics, or did you just throw you cash away on a scam.

That is the question. And here may be the answer.

from the Kansas City Star:

Missouri charmer led double life, masterminded one of the biggest frauds in farm history

To be “certified organic” farmers in the U.S. must follow rules spelled out in the USDA National Organic Program.


Like all the best con artists, Randy Constant was a charmer, hard not to like.

Big hearted. Good listener. You’d never have guessed that the father of three, grandfather of five was a liar, cheat and serial philanderer who masterminded one of the biggest and longest-running frauds in the history of American agriculture.

“He was a wonderful person,” an old friend said. “He just had that other side to him.” read more