WND Exclusive – All free thinkers should stand with Israel

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

The so-called Palestinians could have had their own “homeland” long ago if it weren’t for “them Jews” and the Oppressor State, Israel.

This, of course, is the worldwide conventional wisdom.

But as is most often the case, conventional wisdom is wrong. In fact it is the opposite of wisdom for anyone who cares to do just a little research and maintain an open mind.

I realize in this day and age, that’s a big ask. read more

Shocker – Israel Can Do No Right

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Conservatives have been preaching to the Republican Party for years, decades even, that no matter what we do, the Democrats and the left will still hate us. No matter what Republicans do, it will be either not enough or going too far. So knowing that, just do the right thing because it’s the right thing. We can’t worry about the left constantly assigning a motive to our actions.

The same can be said of Israel. No matter what they do, the despots at the United Nations will still hate them, and the world’s elite press will automatically assign an evil ulterior motive.

And such is the case in the aftermath of the massive magnitude 7.9 earthquake that rocked the country of Nepal on April 25.

A mere three days later, on the 28th, Israeli assistance had already arrived. It was the largest international aid contingent to arrive in Nepal. The IDF set up a 60 bed field hospital on-site, staffed with 122 doctors, nurses and paramedics. They brought with them 95 tons of supplies, both medical and humanitarian.

An impressive feat to be sure – yet some, as you would fully expect, are not moved. read more

Hamas Dirty Tricks

from Breitbart:

Remember the story of the four kids killed on the beach by Israeli ordnance in Gaza?

Of course you do. It was the one that set the tone for the entire media coverage of the summer’s Israel-Gaza conflict. Here was the evidence – or so it seemed – that wanton Israeli aggression was leading to the needless deaths of innocent civilians, in this case four boys who had been playing football moments earlier and now lay in bloodied rags on the beach.

The story was reported by the Independent, the Huffington Post, Reuters, Channel 4 News, the Times, the Telegraph, NBC News, CNN, the Washington Post, and others, none of them questioning the premise that Israel was to blame for the deaths of the children.

And why should the media have doubted it? The entire sorry event  had, after all, been witnessed by numerous members of the international press corps, among them NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin, who tweeted that he had been playing football with the boys just minutes before the Israeli ordnance struck. read more

Israel’s Hannibal Protocol

by: the Common Constitutionalist

What would you do to get a loved one back? What would you do if a family member was abducted – kidnapped – snatched by a well-known gang of thugs? Worse yet, you were witness to the event.

You, like me, would move heaven and earth to cut off the perpetrators escape, to retrieve your loved ones and pity any fool that stood in your way.

In the military, one may pledge allegiance to God and country – but will fight not for them, but for your foxhole family – the brothers next to you. Ask anyone who has experienced combat and he will tell you this.

And such it is for the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force, whose soldiers have been fighting and dying for their brothers almost continually since Israel was declared a state in 1948.

It has long been a practice by the enemies of Israel to attempt to abduct IDF soldiers and exchange them for terrorists captured by Israeli forces.

I guess they got tired of this practice, when in 1986, the Israeli military developed what has come to be known as the “Hannibal Protocol” or “Hannibal Procedure”. read more

Another Israeli Mistake

from The American Thinker:

Israel Defense Force (IDF) ground units completed their withdrawal from Gaza on Tuesday, August 5. At first, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that this was part of a strategic Israeli decision to deal unilaterally with Hamas. Then Israel agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire, supposedly without committing to talks. Now Israel will enter Egyptian-mediated talks with Hamas, in contradiction to Netanyahu’searlier pledge that there would be “no accommodation, only deterrence.”

One thing is very clear at this point: Israel did not seek or win a military victory over Hamas, no matter what Netanyahu says, nor are most Israelis buying that claim. For its part, Hamas claimed victory too. At best Israel achieved yet another draw with Hamas, though at much higher cost than in previous campaigns. Yes, Hamas suffered disproportionately. But its leadership remains intact, as do much of its rocket and artillery forces, and almost certainly some undiscovered terror tunnels. For Hamas, such a result is not a defeat.

Yet a military victory was within Israel’s grasp. The Israeli retreat began on August 3, shortly after the IDF determined that Lieutenant Hardar Goldin, feared kidnapped by Hamas, was in fact dead.  Hamas terrorists attempted to abduct Goldin on August 1, shortly after another ceasefire went into effect in Gaza.  read more

Turkey Wants War With Israel?

from The Clarion Project:

A terror-linked charity closely linked to the Turkish government is organizing human shields in the Gaza Strip and pledging to “erect the flag of Islam everywhere.” Prime Minister Erdogan is a top backer of Hamas and allows this charity, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), to operate.

IHH’s website has a photo of the sign-up event in front of the Israeli embassy. The website refers to the Hamas terrorists targeted by Israel as “resistance fighters.” CNN Turkey reports that IHH has signed up at least 73 volunteers to act as human shields in Gaza, with 38 being women.

Another page on the website talks about an IHH press conference where its president, Bulent Yildirim, openly talked about its organizing of human shields. Its press release was endorsed by the Association of Muslim Scholars, a body led by the spiritual leader of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We, as IHH started the human shield project,” Yildirim said. read more

Leftist Hamas Cheerleaders

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Sure, they cannot come out and say that, but by both their spoken and written opinions, one can conclude nothing else.

Evidently the history of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians began the day Israel attacked Gaza. Decades of terrorist strikes against the tiny nation are apparently not allowed to be considered.

Yesterday, reporter Chris Doyle of the left-leaning UK telegraph wrote of the Palestinian plight  in the West Bank and Gaza.

He concentrated on Gaza, due to the Israeli counterattack on Hamas there. Actually, he didn’t describe it as a counterattack or counter offensive.

He wrote: “How much more of a pummeling can Gaza take? The fatality count mounts to around 750 Palestinians and 35 Israelis. The civilian infrastructure in Gaza is creaking under the Israeli assault.”

As lefties always do, he goes on to praise the commencement of diplomatic efforts by John “Lurch” Kerry and fellow Israel hater, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon (pie), because diplomacy always work so well when dealing with terrorists, such as Hamas.

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Cease Fire – Terrorist Style

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted five Grad rockets fired from the Gaza Strip toward Ashkelon Saturday night. The renewed rocket fire came on the heels of a declared cease fire by Hamas and an IDF (Israeli Defense Force) response asserting that “fire will be met by fire and quiet by quiet”.

No damage or injuries were reported from the intercepted Grad rockets.

On Saturday, over 20 rockets were fired into Israel, amounting to nearly 150 since the beginning of hostilities on Monday. A number of rockets targeted Sderot, injuring a factory worker. One projectile also smashed into an empty school, causing extensive damage.

The Israel Air Force retaliated with a number of airstrikes late Friday night after terrorist groups in Gaza, although not Hamas,  fired rockets into Israel despite reports that an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire had gone into effect in the morning. IDF sources said that most of the rocket fire over the weekend was carried out by the Popular Resistance Committees and other small terror factions.

In response to the rocket attacks on Friday, early Saturday morning the IAF (Israeli Air Force) bombed three Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip, wounding around 20 people. In response, Hamas fired rockets and mortar shells mostly into Sderot. The factory worker was injured in one of the attacks while seeking cover. He sustained moderate shrapnel wounds to his neck and stomach and was rushed to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

A factory manager said that the site had been hit twice before, but that on this occasion, expensive equipment worth millions sustained a direct hit. Two other civilians were treated for shock in the attack.

Also Saturday, the IAF carried out an airstrike against Palestinians spotted preparing to launch rockets into Israel. Two Palestinians were killed, raising the death tally to 14.

“We will continue operating to prevent the rocket fire but in general, quiet will be met by quiet and fire by fire,” a senior IDF officer said Saturday night.

The officer said that Israel had received signals from the Egyptians that Hamas was interested in ending the current round of violence. He attributed Hamas’s interest in stopping the fighting to the IDF’s aggressive response Friday night and Saturday to the rocket fire which included bombings of several of the group’s military bases.

“Hamas was surprised by the bombing of one of its bases since until now the IDF has limited its attacks to smaller outposts,” the officer said. “This made Hamas understand that it is in its interest to obtain quiet.”

The officer said that while Hamas was not behind most of the rocket fire over the weekend, Israel expected it to rein in the other terror factions in Gaza and to stop their rocket attacks.

“If the attacks continue though the IDF will not hesitate to act against the terrorist launching the rockets,” the officer said.

Attribution: Jerusalem Post