Three New Porsche Concept Cars

The Porsche 919 Street, a vision of a road-going Le Mans car
The Porsche 919 Street, a vision of a road-going Le Mans car

In a glimpse of futures that could’ve been, Porsche Design Studio has unveiled three street car concepts that have never before been shown to the public: one Le Mans racer-based hypercar, one open-top sportscar, and one electric riff on the Kombi van.

The process of automotive development is torturously long; by the time a production car is being introduced to the public, chances are the company behind it is already well into the development of its successor. There are many steps in the process, from sketching and clay modeling through engineering, concepts through to production shapes, and while companies frequently show off futuristic concept cars to test the waters of public opinion, it seems there are many that never see the light of day. read more

Concept Cars of 2018

Mercedes debuted the radical Vision EQ Silver Arrow at Monterey Car Week 2018
Mercedes debuted the radical Vision EQ Silver Arrow at Monterey Car Week 2018(Credit:Daimler)

Automotive technology continues advancing forward at blinding speed. Electric vehicles are inching toward their big tipping point; self-driving technologies are growing and improving; and even the good, old internal combustion engine is learning new tricks. Pretty soon we’ll all be zipping around in the swarm of self-driving, self-charging electric taxi pods. Before we do, we’ll continue getting a taste of that future through the high-powered lens of concept cars. This year’s most memorable concepts included retro-styled electrics, next-gen hypercars and one very uncommon type of off-road hybrid. read more