In Brussels – Protests Bad – Teddy Bears and Vigils Good

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets yesterday, descending on the Brussels stock exchange building – the site at which wreaths and flowers are laid and candles are lit in tribute to the victims of last Tuesdays terrorist bombings in Belgium. The protesters evidently disobeyed a directive by authorities to postpone all “solidarity” marches.

The approximately 450 protesters are being classified by every media outlet as far right-wing and witnesses reported they saw some of them giving Nazi salutes. I’ve watched some of the video available and I didn’t see any salutes, but there may have been. I saw a lot of hands up, but no salutes.

As an aside, may I add that characterizing someone as far-right and Nazi is a bit ridiculous. After all, Hitler was the head of the Nazi Party, the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party – not exactly right wing.

Anyway, authorities didn’t take too kindly to the protest and sprang into action. In full riot gear, they drove the protesters away from the site of the tribute and into the street. There, they opened up water cannons on them and lobbed tear gas into the crowd. read more

Where is America’s Rear Base of Islamic Barbarity?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

For many moons, we on the right have been pushing for English as not just the national language of the United States, but the official language.

A common language is the tie that binds a nation together. Without it, we are left with little more than tiny foreign enclaves within a larger nation. And this has been a problem for decades both here and in Europe, as liberals have catered to and coddled non-English speaking immigrants.

It’s human nature to wish to live with those of like culture and there’s nothing wrong with it. But when the host nation does not require or even encourage the learning of a common language and culture, the eventuality can be damaging.

Lack of a common language is damaging not only to a country’s culture, with growing numbers unwilling to assimilate, but also to its national security – which we see playing out in Belgium right now.

Belgium, home of the Molenbeek district (terror central) in Brussels is a perfect example of this dysfunction. The country has no common language. It actually has three languages – Dutch, French and German – two being official, Dutch and French. About 60% speak Dutch (Flemish), 33% speak French and about 1% German. There’s also a smattering of Spanish, Italian, Greek and of course Arabic. Gee – I wonder where the greatest concentrations of Arabic speakers are. read more

Is ISIS Also Mastering the Art of Economic Terrorism?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

It seems everywhere we look, there is new terror threat. And they not centered on just one country or even one region. Many of these terror groups have been around for a while and have been relatively independent. But recently a good many of them are becoming satellites of and pledging allegiance to ISIS, or are at least supporters of the Islamic State.

There are the minor players we know, like the old Boko Haram, which is now known as Wilayat Gharb Ifrīqīyyah, who operate in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon. Then there are minor players we don’t (unless you follow this closely) like the Abu Sayyaf group, who are based in the southern Philippines and operate in the Philippine/Malaysia region. The have recently become supporters of IS and beheaded a Malaysian engineer around the same time as the Paris attacks. It won’t be long before they announce they are a Wilayat of ISIS.

So as the civilized world is concentrating on ISIS proper (for want of a better term) in Syria and Iraq, Islamic terror groups all over the world are becoming subsidiaries of the Islamic State. Add to this the mass export of fighters out of Syria and into western countries and it’s a recipe for disaster – and a well funded disaster, being that the latest estimates are that ISIS controls over $2 trillion in assets.

It’s like the Hydra line in the Captain America movie that states: “Cut off one head – two more will take its place.” read more