NFL Update

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Wild week in the NFL. The Pack are still the top dogs in the league. Philly loses to the G-Men whose defense came up big. Do the Eagles have any Quarterbacks left? Houston shows it just can’t hang with the big boys as they lose to the Saints. Detroit fans have to be going nuts after their latest win of the pitiful Vikings. Minnesota just can’t finish a game. What the heck is going on with the Falcons? The Bucs aren’t a bad team but Atlanta should be better than that. Tampa Bay’s defense looked tough. The Jets lose to the Raiders. YEA!! McFadden’s the man, at least this week. Hopefully not next week. Parody in league anyone?

Finally, the Patriots. My Patriots. What the ……? Ok, the Bills look pretty good this year, but come on. Brady throws 4 INT’s & we still almost win. I don’t want to seem like a whiner, but the officiating was horrible & Chad Ocho-Stinko sucks. If Welker goes down, we’re toast.

Now I’m going to vent about the ever-evolving safety rules. Let’s just put a red shirt on the Quarterbacks so no one can touch them. Better yet, the league needs a new name. I propose the NFFL, the National Flag Football League. That way nobody gets hurt. Football is a violent game. Everyone that has ever played the game knows this. Heck, just watching some of the hits make me cringe. It seems to me the more safety procedures are instituted, the more the injuries mount. Limiting hits so the players don’t even know how to tackle anymore. Limiting the full pad practices. All the little ticky tac penalties. Anyone wondering why the offenses are putting up the insane yardages they are? The defenses are afraid to do anything to prevent it for fear of a penalty. If the league won’t let defensemen play the game without thinking about every hit, as well as limiting full contact practices, the injuries will continue to mount.

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