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The left stigmatizes our 1st gold medal winner

You don’t get much more left than NBC/Comcast. This is virtually the only cable company in America that has refused to add The Blaze TV to its cable lineup. Sure, it was one of the first to add al-Jazeera America, or some might know it as Jihadi-TV. They’ll jump at that chance – but Glenn Beck? Never.

So it’s no surprise that the media conglomerate continually bids to air the Olympics. The coverage of the Olympics used to be about the competition – highly trained athletes at the top of their respective sports going at it until only one (or one team) comes away with gold.

Now its all about the liberal kumbaya moments – where the world supposedly puts their differences aside and comes together as one in peace and harmony. The world can tune in to watch the spectacle and pageantry that is the Olympics. Just for a little while we can think of something other than racial strife, whose life matters most, suicide bombs and guns.

Instead, we Americans can come together and celebrate our athletes as they “Go for the gold.” And lo and behold, right out of the gate, an American won the very first gold medal of the games. And we would be celebrating, except for the fact that the first gold won by an American was for shooting a gun. Oh, the horror!

Yes, Ginny Thrasher, the teenager from Springfield, Virginia, bested two Chinese competitors to take home the gold in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event. Oh – so it was just an air rifle. I’d have thought Ginny would have been sporting an AR-15.

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