WND Exclusive – What happened to the North Korean threat?

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Evidently, the planet is now safe from nuclear holocaust. Just a few short weeks ago, the world as we know it was on the brink of total destruction, thanks to the incendiary language of our buffoonish president. At least this was the picture painted by the leftist press and their on-call “intelligence” experts.

So, what happened to the end of the world? It’s as if the planet were suddenly afflicted by some rare but potentially devastating disease, only to have the bug vanish as inexplicably as it arrived.

Where did the N.K. threat go? What are the odds of it returning? No one knows, or no longer seems to care – so I guess we just won’t worry about it. Anyway, we have much more important things to report, like atrocities that occurred centuries ago. In fact, the last slaves were freed 152 years ago in Galveston, Texas, by proclamation, General Order 3, delivered on June 19, 1865 – known as Juneteeth Independence Day. 

This appears to be what happened to all the end-of-the-world scenarios floating around regarding the North Korean threat. En masse, they all just evaporated overnight.

Now the only “news” outlets still even mentioning North Korea, much less reporting on any threat of war, are British tabloids and foreign news sources like the world-renowned South China Morning Post.

Thursday I scoured the Internet looking for news of the North Korean threat. CNN’s homepage, which displays dozens of headlines, had not one story on North Korea. Weeks ago, virtually every story was dedicated to the “conflict.” Ditto the Washington Post, New York Times, HuffPo, the Atlantic, etc.

Instead these sites are all-consumed with Trump hating, Steve Bannon, neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Civil War statues. Oh, and the latest iteration of utter nonsense – whether to expand the left’s persecution of all American heritage they find distasteful.

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