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President Trump is once again being pilloried in the press for what Yahoo News calls, “an ‘astonishing’ concession to Kim Jong-un and North Korea.” What a surprise.

Trump’s comments, they write, “sent shudders through the already shaky architecture of military alliances that undergird U.S. global power. Abandoning joint military exercises will immediately begin to degrade the readiness and deterrent posture of the 32,000 U.S. troops in South Korea, military experts say.”

May I ask what military alliances undergird U.S. global power? Without the U.S., there is no global power. How many nations across the globe depend upon the mighty United States military to protect them? And how many do we rely on to protect us?

As far as readiness is concerned, we’ve been doing these biannual joint military exercises with South Korea for decades. If we’re not ready by now, we’ll never be. And ready for what? If North Korea ever decides to invade the South, they’re not just going to match us force for force. Our 32,000 troops along the DMZ wouldn’t stand a chance against the tidal wave of NK troops. It’s common knowledge.

As for Trump canceling the joint exercise – he hasn’t canceled it, but merely put it on ice, pending the outcome of joint talks. The exercise is not scheduled to begin until August – two months from now. Unlike Obama, and many others in the political class, President Trump won’t have the patience with Kim to allow him to drag things out beyond August anyway. This just shows what a bunch of partisan liars these military “experts” are. It also shows that this isn’t about the military. It’s about politics and hatred for Trump, pure and simple.

Yet despite this, the president is undeterred. And frankly, thank heavens he has not listened to the so-called experts and gaggle of talking heads telling him he’s doing it all wrong. None of us should defer to their judgment. If any of these “experts” can name a single diplomatic success, perhaps we and Trump might listen.

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