WND Exclusive – Out With the Old, In With the Old

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After 113 years in the U.S. Senate, Orrin Hatch is finally calling it quits – assuming he actually will leave office this time around. OK, maybe it hasn’t been 113 years – just a mere four decades. It just feels that long.

Hatch may have once been a solid conservative, but like everyone else who has spent that much time inside the beltway, or the devil’s playground, he long ago became just another high-powered sell-out in the Republican machine. He has stuck around this long because of the awesome power he wields. And many in the party have asked him to stick around due to his senior status. It doesn’t matter that he is an establishment hack with a conservative Liberty Score of “F” (29 percent). It’s the power, control and the ability to arm twist they wish to maintain.

But maybe he has just been holding out, waiting for the perfect clone successor.

Well, if reports are true, it seems he’s found one in the old hang-about Mitt Romney. Romney is one of those odd characters who just seems to show up. He runs for one political office or another, loses and then vanishes for a period. But like a nagging injury, he never seems to be gone for long.

And Romney, at least to my recollection, is odd in another way. I didn’t support him at first in his failed presidential bid in 2012. But I came around because he had demonstrated goodness outside the political venue. I concluded that I may not have agreed with him on some policy issues, but could back him because I thought he was at least a good man.

However, over the years he has consistently demonstrated to be just another smarmy establishment politician who will do most anything to get back in the game

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