WND Exclusive – Expanding the Permanent Dependency Class

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

The plan to drastically expand America’s dependency class has been in the works for decades, and to be sure, the left has made progress.

But until now, there has remained a stigma attached to becoming dependent upon the benevolent government for one’s survival. There was still a desire to work for a living – to make your own way and take pride in doing so.

However, the left, with its desire to control all things and thus all people, has done a marvelous job of simply changing the narrative. And as a consequence, it has changed the thinking of many.

Temporary assistance transformed into welfare. But this was inadequate, as the word “welfare” still carried a negative connotation. So rather than help people back into the workforce, they merely changed the name again to “entitlement.”

That took care of things for a time. After all, if you receive an entitlement, you must be entitled to or somehow deserving of that money or service. For to be entitled, simply means that you “have a right or legitimate claim to something.”

And as we’ve discovered over the years, Americans are entitled or a have a right to many things, according to the left: Education is a right, health care is a right, and now it seems we’ve advanced to the final stage of the left’s takeover – a right to a “living wage.”

Yet not even us right-wing wackos could have guessed that the “living wage” doesn’t even mean what we thought it meant even just a year ago. A wage is defined as “money that is paid or received for work or services.” You know, the infamous “Fight for $15” and all.

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