WND Exclusive – All free thinkers should stand with Israel

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

The so-called Palestinians could have had their own “homeland” long ago if it weren’t for “them Jews” and the Oppressor State, Israel.

This, of course, is the worldwide conventional wisdom.

But as is most often the case, conventional wisdom is wrong. In fact it is the opposite of wisdom for anyone who cares to do just a little research and maintain an open mind.

I realize in this day and age, that’s a big ask.

The fact remains that there has never been a race of people so blindly oppressed and persecuted as the Jewish race, from the time of the Egyptian pharaohs to present day. The Jewish race has literally known nothing but oppression and hatred for its entire existence. And existence is the key word here. They’ve been the world’s most hated race for no other reason than that they exist.

Now, as for the poor Palestinian people – I wouldn’t feel too bad for them. Sure, they’ve been short-changed and oppressed, but not by them Jews and not by Israel.


They were given a chance at a “Two-State Solution” in 1948, when the United Nations divided up the territory from what was known as the “British Mandate for Palestine.”

The territory of the British Mandate for Palestine encompassed modern-day Israel, the so-called Palestinian territory and Transjordan. The area, post World War I, was controlled by the Brits from 1922 to 1948.


As an aside, there were no “Palestinian People” prior to 1964. The term was merely made up and popularized in the charter of the terrorist group called the Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO. The charter was crafted by the KGB in Moscow, and the PLO council was handpicked by the Ruskies, included its leader, Yasser Arafat. The worldwide press adopted the name “Palestinian” in 1967.

Getting back to the magical “Two State Solution” that could have been. It would have been easy to just allow the Jews their own homeland and the Palestinian Arabs there own, as designed in 1948. But the Arabs, the Islamists, wanted none of it.

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