Video Podcast – What you get with a Biden Vote

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by: Brent Smith

When you go to polls, keep in mind what you’re actually voting for if you cast your ballot for Biden. And be mindful that you’ll get the exact opposite if you vote for the president.

The Green New Deal scam – no coal, no oil, no fracking, no gas. Our country can’t survive without these.

Gun confiscation – guns will be banned, as will ammunition, etc.

Although nothing is free, a Biden administration will insist on free healthcare, free college, etc. Someone’s going to pay for it. Wonder who?

Citizenship for all illegal aliens, and a subsequent mass “chain” migration of tens of millions more.

We have a real clear choice. All this government authoritarianism, or the opposite – freedom, liberty, constitutional rights and a vibrant economy once again.

Trump 2020!