Obama’s “Just Say No” Administration

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by: the Common Constitutionalist


I was flipping through news channels Sunday morning and happened upon MSNBC. Okay, I didn’t just happen upon it for I usually avoid it like the plague, but Fox was discussing some pop-culture nonsense.


There was a discussion panel with four liberals and one former George HW Bush progressive consultant. He was both progressive and black, so it was okay.


They were discussing Ted Cruz and naturally there was no love in the room. They allowed the “Republican” consultant plenty of time to trash Ted. He (the Republican) said he was more of a Chris Christie Republican. That’s really all you need to know about him.


He described Ted Cruz as being a closed tent conservative. How Cruz harkened back to a different era in America and apparently that is never a good thing – to look back, unless of course you’re looking back to FDR or LBJ. The consultant wants the party to be constantly looking “forward”. That’s what good progressives do, don’t you know.


One of the libs chimed in saying that Cruz is satisfied to “just say no” to every initiative. That he is only interested in shrinking government. Oh the horror!


Let’s think about this. Why is it so misguided for Ted Cruz to “just say no” to government expansion? Why is it wrong for us, the citizens, to “just say no” – we won’t allow you (the government) to do that?


After all, that’s what the government has been telling its citizens year after year for more than a century. Picking winners and losers, restricting our behavior, just saying no!


The Black Panthers clearly obstructed voting places. The government’s case was open and shut. Eric Holder stepped in and just said no, we don’t prosecute blacks. Yet he said yes to throwing fuel on the Trayvon fire.


Automobile companies would love to produce cars and trucks people want. The feds say, oh no you don’t. Mandated CAFE standards take care of that. By 2025 the average fuel efficiency standard is set to increase to 54.5 mpg. I hope you like paper mache cars.


If you have a family farm, don’t try to sell your wares locally or you will prompt the agriculture department to “just say no”. You are somehow violating interstate commerce laws.


But the crown jewel of “just say no” has to be the EPA. Want to build a coal-fired power plant to provide communities with cheap abundant energy to grow the economy? The EPA says no way. In fact they’ll just shut them all down. Want to build a new refinery? Nope. How about a nuclear power plant? Nada. An oil pipeline? No chance. How about a wind farm that blights the landscape and kills all the birds? Oh, that’s okay.


People like that conservative icon David Brooks is heralded for calling Ted Cruz an obstructionist yet has he or any liberal ever examined the most obstructionist, just say no, entity in the nation – our own government?


If you asked them, I’m sure they will “just say no”.

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Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).