No Cops on Campus!

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Most of us have seen the Occupy UC Berkeley protest, where the Police just walked up to the seated innocent students & showered them, unprovoked, with pepper spray. That’s the one the drive by media showed us. Below is the raw video showing the run up to the event. Clearly, these dolts were being led & clearly the police had little choice. I think they showed a lot more patience than I would have.

The video is a bit long, but stick with it. The pictures tell a much different story than the media has or ever will.

One Question: Why is there no effort to find & interview the leader of these chanting buffoons? Is he a student or, as I suspect, some outside agitator sent in to stir the dimwited student body to a frenzy in order to achieve the desired end, which was of course, the claim of police abuse.

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