My WND Weekly Exclusive – Democrats: The Wackier They Get the More We Win

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Think about just how bad your message must be if you still can’t win elections, even with virtually everything stacked in your favor.

The Democrats have had the television and print media in their pockets for decades. Hollywood has been firmly behind them – even producing programming wholly designed to promote the left’s candidate, as in the TV show “Madam Secretary.” Save for a few instances, they’ve had leftist judges and courts consistently rule in their favor regarding election law.

They’ve been able to divide the nation into victimized groups, by way of race, creed and gender – informing each, or rather lying to them, that they cannot succeed without Democratic help.

Democrats have transformed what used to be temporary assistance into entitlements, which people now have a “right” to demand.

And of course, there is the matter of voter fraud. Going all the way back to the 1960 election of John F Kennedy, Democrat operatives have practiced voter fraud in virtually every election.

Yet still, with all this in their favor, they are losing more and more elections every cycle.

Now, with so many states firmly controlled by Republicans, the Democrats are seeing things slip away. They can see that without an entirely unique event, like the election of the nation’s first black president, they have little chance of regaining their power any time soon.

We on the right have said at times that the Dems have to know that what they are currently promoting is not working. Therefore, they must change their message – the message of hate, division and entitlement. But they evidently don’t and can’t. They are stuck in a box, fashioned by their own hands, and it’s all they know.

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