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Do we really want a “nimble” federal government? Or do we want one that is slow, plodding and methodical. I suppose it depends on whom you ask.

Anyone (hopefully) on the right, and who is a friend to the Constitution, would surely say they would vastly prefer a government that operates much as does an aircraft carrier. Although much of these things are classified to some extent, it can take, for example, up to five nautical miles just to stop a carrier – much less to reverse course. In other words – far from nimble – which is exactly what the founders intended to slow the intrusive creep of government.

Those on left, almost without exception, think the exact opposite of the federal government. They would prefer a government capable of speedboat-like course corrections, a government free from the shackles of the Constitution and legislative oversight. They prefer the government, not of our founding, but what we have today, filled with autonomous agencies full of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who answer to no one.

To no one’s surprise (or at least it shouldn’t be), the ultra-leftist site ThinkProgress is aligned fully with the latter analogy, but now fears that new Republican dominance might halt the dexterity of these agencies.

Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress writes that, “House Republicans will ring in the new year with a plan to permanently cripple government.”

Oh, if that were only true. Millhiser goes on to state: “They [Republicans] want to break it so badly it can’t be fixed again.” Whatever are they complaining about?

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