Mitt Romney is a Shill for the Washington Post

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from David Limbaugh at WND:

TRUMP ISN’T THE ENEMY, MR. ROMNEYImage result for Mitt romney washington post

Two days before he was sworn in as Utah’s junior U.S. senator, Mitt Romney published an op-ed in the Washington Post, publicly broadcasting, once again, his disapproval of President Donald Trump. Disappointing, but not surprising.

Something seems to compel those in the never-Trump crowd not only to perpetually obsess over Trump but also to constantly remind us of their profound distaste for him – lest it escape our top-of-mind awareness.

A few things popped out at me when I read Romney’s piece – apart from his flagrant hypocrisy in reigniting his public relations campaign against Trump after abandoning it when seeking to be Trump’s secretary of state.

Why did Romney believe he needed to write this now – as his first volley – instead of first expressing his intention of trying to work with Trump to move his agenda forward in what promises to be a very tumultuous time, with militant, partisan Democrats about to assume control of the House?

Why would Romney choose to publish his piece in the overtly liberal Washington Post? Are political liberals and the mainstream media his constituency now? It would be one thing for a newly minted GOP senator to take on Democrats in that publication, but it’s quite another for him to harshly criticize his party’s president in a paper that exclusively speaks for the opposition party – a party that will doubtlessly leverage this op-ed against the president and in favor of the Democrats’ policy agenda, which Romney has been telling us for years he abhors.

Does Romney mean to undermine and demonize GOP border enforcement hawks and other Republicans at this critical time when he piously proclaims that he “will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions”? Exactly what statements or actions is he calling racist and anti-immigrant? I ask because I’ve heard some never-Trumpers outright denounce border enforcement supporters as nativists and racists not because any statements they’ve made could remotely be construed as anti-immigrant and racist but because they callously and wrongly presume or pretend to presume that their fierce opposition to illegal immigration and their desire to encourage assimilation and preserve national sovereignty, the rule of law and an orderly immigration process are somehow racist. This is below the belt, destructive and, yes, quite divisive, Mr. Romney – with your own party, no less.

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