Mayor of Columbus Releases the Hounds

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from the Blaze:

Frightened drivers call 911 over protesters threatening, ‘surrounding’ them. One dispatcher replies, ‘We were told by our mayor to stand down.’

The dispatcher added, ‘The mayor has given them full reins of the street’

Frightened drivers call 911 over protesters threatening ...

Drivers in downtown Columbus, Ohio, called 911 last week saying protesters were surrounding and threatening them, WSYX-TV reported.

The station played audio of one frightened woman who told a dispatcher that protesters were “laying” on her vehicle.

A male 911 caller said, “I’m being threatened. I want the police here now. They’re surrounding my car. They’re blocking traffic. The police need to protect me,” WSYX reported.

Another man told 911 that motorcyclists were “popping wheelies” and that it looked nothing like a protest, the station said.

How did one 911 dispatcher respond?

The 911 dispatcher who took the aforementioned man’s call was heard on audio saying that Democratic Mayor Andrew Ginther gave authorities some pretty explicit instructions about protesters, WSYX reported.

“We were told by our mayor to stand down, so the mayor has given them full reins of the street,” the dispatcher said, according to the station.

The caller replied, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

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