Karen Handel for Senate

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I’ll hold my judgement, but she is saying the right things…so far.


from the American Thinker:

Karen Handel is the type of candidate that all Republicans should be supporting. She is running in Georgia for the U.S. Senate because she feels that problem solvers should replace career politicians. Upon interviewing her, American Thinker found her to be articulate, thoughtful, and someone who will stand up for what she believes.

American Thinker: Why did you decide to become a candidate?

Karen Handel: I saw what was happening in Washington and it became abundantly clear that we need new leadership. We need people that will be elected to the Senate that will stop America from sliding into mediocrity. Looking at the Atlanta Journal Constitution Senate Poll taken last month I had the highest statewide favorable rating among Republicans, a commanding advantage in Metro Atlanta and Southwest Georgia and a strong second in Southeast and North Georgia. I have supporters from the business side as well as the grassroots side.

AT: Because Michelle Nunn’s daddy was Senator do you think you can win?

KH: There is a distinct difference in our policy positions. Georgians should understand she would be just another vote for Harry Reid. I believe I am the strongest individual to face off against her. I can go toe to toe with her on issues such as the economy, ObamaCare, and the Second Amendment.

AT: Can you briefly discuss your background?

KH: I left home at the age of seventeen because it was abusive. I worked three jobs after I left home, supporting myself as I went to college at night. I am a businessperson, having held executive management positions, which allows me to understand problems through a business filter. I was Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners where I worked with my Democratic colleagues to balance the budget from a $100 million dollar budget deficit. We did it with spending cuts not tax increases. As Secretary of State, I successfully implemented photo ID for voting during the 2008 Presidential election that saw a record number of minority and overall voter participation.

AT: You know the Democrats will bring up the War on Women. How will you respond?

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