Is Cain Able?

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The following clip aired on Mark Levin’s radio show this past Monday. Why have we not heard any of this? We are so quick to condemn & abandon what could be a very good & honest man. We don’t know. If it is left to the Drive By Media, the truth will never come out.

Why is no one asking questions of these women? Once again we have journalistic malpractice on parade.

Why does Ms. Bialek need to employ any attorney, much less the well-known publicity hound, Gloria Allred? She’s not going to sue Mr. Cain. If one is telling the truth, what’s the lawyer for?

The great conservative sage, Karl Rove says that Allred “gives Ms. Bialek’s charges and accusations a little bit of credibility, and that’s what we’re talking about here — credibility.” Really Karl?
It’s common knowledge, or at least should be, that Karl is a progressive republican, just like his former boss, ‘W’. It is also bloody obvious Rove hates the Tea Party & anyone we may give a modicum of support to.

I don’t know if Cain is who these women say he is & neither does anyone else. I do know that if these charges were made against our president there would be nothing but silence & excuses. The accusers would be persecuted relentlessly (eg. Clinton).

Is there not a single major media journalist with the courage to look into these stories?

Now we have woman number 2, Karen Kraushaar. She made a sexual harassment claim against Cain in 1999. Kraushaar is in the current employ of the Obama Justice Department. Mere coincidence.

A few years later, working for the INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service), she filed another complaint. It wasn’t for harassment. She was in a car accident in 2002. She made requests to work from home, but apparently was not seriously enough hurt, so the request was denied. She then filed a claim for several 10’s of thousands of dollars, a year-long fellowship at Harvard University, a pay raise & all her sick time reinstated. By the way, she was not hurt on the job.

When asked about that incident she claimed it was a “relatively minor” claim & couldn’t recall the details. Really? But I bet you recall every detail of the Cain encounter some 3-4 years earlier.

She did sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the alledged Cain harrassment. When did that lapse? Cain has run for office before. Why wait for now?

I’m quite sure we will have a circus press conference with more than just these two women & their attorneys. I am also sure there will be no questions of credibility asked.

Ask all the questions of Herman Cain that can be reasonably asked, but do a little investigation of the accusers. Let’s find the truth. He has volunteered to take a lie detector test. Have they?

Here is an interesting update. Evidently, Mr. Cain has already taken a lie detector test of sorts, and so has Ms. Bialek. Watch this.

In closing, if the truth ever does reveal itself, I bet we’ll find Cain to be innocent & these women have been put up to this by someone like Axelrod, Daley or maybe even Rove.

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