Gun Control…Then and Now

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Two things should jump out at you when reading this article. First: How few “Gun Control” laws have passed in the 79 years previous as opposed to the pitifully knee-jerk legislation that occurs today. Second: Of the seven previous pieces of legislation, only one is pro-gun and law abiding citizen and that was, of course, Reagan’s. The other six were signed by progressives, and yes, I include GHW Bush in that category.


Tracking Current Federal Gun Control Legislation


Over the years, there have been a number of laws introduced into the US.  Senate and House that deal with gun control in some fashion.  Not all of  them have become law, but there have been some significant ones that have  impacted us all and I believe violate the Second Amendment.

My wife saw this graphic that listed seven major gun control laws that had  become laws and forwarded it to me.  I did a little research on who was  president at the time and which political parties controlled the Senate and House.  I found a very interesting trend that points a huge finger at the  liberal Democratic Party starting back in 1934.

Here is that list of seven (eight actually as I added one that was ruled  unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court five years after being signed into  law.)

1934 – National Firearms Act – FDR – Dem; Sen – Dem; House – Dem

1968 – Gun Control Act – LBJ – Dem; Sen – Dem; House – Dem

1986 – Firearms Owners Protection Act – Reagan – GOP; Sen – GOP, House – Dem

1990 – Gun Free School Zone Act* – GHW Bush – GOP; Sen – Dem; House – Dem

*Ruled unconstitutional by US Supreme Court in 1995, when it was revised and  passed.


1993 – Brady Handgun Violence Act – Clinton – Dem; Sen – Dem;  House – Dem

1994 – Assault Weapons Ban – Clinton – Dem; Sen – Dem; House – Dem

1995 – Gun Free School Zones Act – Clinton – Dem; Sen – GOP; House – GOP

Now here is a list of the gun control bills that have been introduced into  the US House and US Senate so far year.  I may have missed some and if I  have, I apologize, but I hope that you still understand the scope of danger we  are in from a liberal progressive administration that wants to disarm the  American citizenry. Continue Reading


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