Bogus Drive-Thru Votes in Texas?

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from the Blaze:

Federal court to hear Texas GOP argument to throw out 127,000 drive-thru votes

A voter in their vehicle approaches a drive-thru, mail-in voting station at NRG Stadium in Houston during early-voting in the state, on Friday, Oct. 23, 2020. (Go Nakamura/The New York Times)

A federal judge in Texas will hear a case brought by the state Republican Party seeking to have nearly 127,000 ballots disqualified in Harris County.

The emergency hearing will take place on Monday after Republicans sued to invalidate early ballots cast at drive-thru polling stations, which they say violate the U.S. Constitution. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen will preside over the hearing, Fox News reports.

Harris County, home to the city of Houston, is a Democratic stronghold in Texas. According to the Texas Tribune, drive-thru ballots account for about 10% of all in-person early voting ballots cast in Harris County. If the federal court sides with state Republicans, nearly 127,000 people will have their votes thrown out.

The Texas Supreme Court already rejected a similar lawsuit brought by the same plaintiffs to have the votes discounted. The court did not issue an opinion explaining its decision.

Drive-thru voting in Harris County was established in July during the state primary runoff elections. Harris County set up 10 drive-thru polling locations in October where voters concerned about the coronavirus pandemic would have an opportunity to vote from their vehicles. Voters arrive in their vehicles, have their registrations and identifications confirmed by poll workers, and are given an electronic tablet through their car windows to vote.

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