Another Sin of the White Man

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Thanksgiving Celebrates Our ‘Original Sin,’ ‘Views Virtually Identical To Nazis,’ Journalism Prof Preaches

Forget all that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, today should be a  day of fasting and atonement for American “sin.” That’s according to Robert Jensen,  a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Jensen,  known for his hard-left politics, also calls Thanksgiving a  “white-supremacist holiday.”

Jensen’s opinion piece “No Thanks for Thanksgiving,” appeared on the far-left, Soros-connected website Alternet on  Thanksgiving eve. In it, he wrote how Native Americans suffered because  of the “European invasion of the Americas.” He went on to compare the  Founding Fathers to Nazi Germany. “How does a country deal with the fact  that some of its most revered historical figures had certain moral  values and political views virtually identical to Nazis?” he asked.

According to Jensen, Thanksgiving is “at the heart of U.S.  myth-building. “But in the United States, this reluctance to acknowledge  our original sin — the genocide of indigenous people — is of special  importance today,” he explained.

Jensen has a long career in both working journalism and academia,  including work as a copy editor at The St. Paul Pioneer Press and the  St. Petersburg Times, as well as “volunteer editing and writing for the Texas Triangle, Austin (weekly statewide lesbian/gay paper).”

This wasn’t the first time Jensen has bashed America. He does so on a  regular basis. Other Alternet pieces include headlines like “The Painful Collapse of Empire: How the ‘American Dream’ and American  Exceptionalism Wreck Havoc on the World” or “What White People Fear.”

Alternet is part of the George-Soros-supported Media Consortium. It is one of 58 left-wing media operations that aim to create a progressive “echo chamber.”

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