Pandemic Addiction has become Part of Identity Politics

by: Brent Smith

Nathanael Blake at the Federalist nails it, as he describes how many on the left have gotten so used to masking up and locking down, that’s it’s actually become part of their identity.

It seems many have become addicted to being shut-in, addicting to the idea of safety at any and all cost.

It reminds me of the Bruce Willis movie, “Surrogates.” read more

Weapon Wednesday – Royal Marine Gravity Jet Suit

The UK's Royal Marines put the Gravity jet suit to "very successful" use in ship boarding demo exercises
The UK’s Royal Marines put the Gravity jet suit to “very successful” use in ship boarding demo exercises
Gravity Industries

Jet suits, jetpacks, jetboards … The new range of crazy personal flight devices all share some things in common: plenty of people would love to fly one, very few have the cash to own one, and even fewer can probably be trusted to fly them safely and legally. read more

White Guy Hired – Black Guy isn’t – Must be Racism

by: Brent Smith

Oh, here we go again. The white guy gets hired in the National Football League before the black athlete.

I mean, how often have we seen that? All the time, right? How about almost never. But because it’s happening this time, it must be racism.

That’s the only answer. It’s systemic, automatic, systematic, emblematic, enigmatic, rythmatic, aerobatic – oh sorry. Got carried away – thought I was part of the Jackson Five singing, “Dancin Machine.” But I can’t really do that because that would cultural appropriation. Whitey just can’t win. read more

Defeating Superbugs

The superbug Pseudomonas aeruginosa, after being "popped like a balloon"
The superbug Pseudomonas aeruginosa, after being “popped like a balloon”
Imperial College London

By turning modern scientific tools on an antibiotic discovered 70 years ago, researchers have unearthed a previously unknown mechanism it uses to pierce and pop superbugs like balloons. Promisingly, the scientists have also demonstrated how this approach to taking out bacteria can be supercharged by combining it with other antibiotics, potentially offering a new form of defense against deadly, drug-resistant bacteria.

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Video Podcast – Liz Cheney Out – Our Vulnerable Power System

Republicans are getting rid of that traitor Liz Cheney. Yep, ole Liz was against Donald Trump from word go – like literally everything he did, and that the party needed to TownHall puts it, Cheney’s belief “that the GOP needs to wash its hands of Donald Trump.”She couldn’t be more wrong.

So the dirty hackers, known as “Darkside,” pulled off the most significant and successful attack on energy infrastructure we know of in the United States.But John McClane showed how to defeat them! read more

Early Warning Sign for Cardiovascular Disease.

Scientists have developed a probe with fluorescent molecules, that glows more brightly in the presence of enzymes associated with cardiovascular trouble
Scientists have developed a probe with fluorescent molecules that glows more brightly in the presence of enzymes associated with cardiovascular trouble
Angelo Frei

The accumulation of plaque inside the arteries can be an insidious condition with grave consequences that include blood clots and strokes, but luckily it does give off some tell-tale signs. Researchers in the UK have developed a new type of glowing probe that focuses on one of them, increasing its fluorescence in the presence of a key enzyme and possibly acting as an early warning sign for cardiovascular disease.

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WND Exclusive – 2nd Amendment: What does ‘bear Arms’ really mean?

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Well, our vaunted United States Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case regarding the Second Amendment.

This is pretty uncommon, but it does happen – mostly because the Supremes over the years haven’t dared to actually do their jobs to the fullest, so their decisions seem to encompass a narrow scope and half-measures, never fully putting to bed that the Second Amendment clearly gives the right of an individual to “keep,” which means to own, and “bear,” which means to carry, arms on one’s person.

The Second Amendment makes no distinction between open and concealed carry, and thus any argument against either is moot. Nor does it make mention of licenses and/or permits, which is what this upcoming case is about, so these, too, are moot. read more