More NFL Updates

Reggie Bush goes to Miami. No big deal, in my opinion. I think he’s overrated.

Asomugha to the Texans. What happened to the Jets? I hope Houston can get this done. Don’t need another great corner to contend with in N.Y.

Steve Smith (WR) is staying in Carolina. No biggy.

Haynesworth to the Patriots! Where did this come from? After looking into the details, the Pats aren’t giving up much to try it. If he’s still a bum, he’ll be cut & we don’t lose much. If he decides to really play though, no offensive line will be able to handle him, Wilfork & Warren. The opponents whole offensive line will be consumed by those 3 leaving the backers almost completely free. That’s all for now.

Ready for some Football!!

So McNabb is going to the Vikes. I guess that will be ok as a stop gap as long as they can protect him. Seattle dumps Hasselbeck & picks up Tavaris Jackson? On purpose? Hasselbeck will be a Titan if he’s not already. Kevin Kolb will be a Cardinal by the weekend. I like that one. He should do well there. Holmes stays with the hated Jets. Bummer. Maybe Randy Moss will also become a Jet? Kyle Orton will go to Miami & Tebow is now the man in Denver. Nothing to report about my Pats except for the Logan Mankins deal is done & we love him again. Now this is fun. Been waiting all year for it.

Department of Departments Department

All this talk of raising the debt ceiling & cutting the budget or not cutting the budget has been angering me to no end. There is nothing that can be cut? Come on, nothing? I’ve wanted to vent about it for a while now but wasn’t sure where to begin. So, being the geek that I am, I decided to go back and look over my Constitution. You know, the document that lays out how the government should run & what it can & can’t do. Now I know the government has gotten way too large & intrusive but even I was stunned when I found a site that lists all of its departments. Small wonder it takes 3.5 trillion dollars to run this behemoth. If you are of strong mind & body, click on the link below.

In my estimation, we could axe 50% (conservatively) of these departments by privatizing or simply doing away with them. As I perused the list it just fortified my belief that most of what the Federal government does is unconstitutional. As a practical note, who could possibly argue that the government could do a better job at anything than the private sector! Well, I don’t feel any better but that will have to do for now.

Separation of Church & State

So, I got into a discussion about this at the gym yesterday. What was I thinking? How is it that no one seems to know this stuff?

Despite popular belief, the separation of Church & State clause is no more in the constitution than the Santa clause. In 1947 a progressive Supreme Court justice, Hugo Black (appointed by the evil Franklin Roosevelt), somehow found it in the First Amendment establishment clause. You know it. “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of.” Black evidently saw something the founders didn’t & said, “ The first amendment has erected a wall between church & state. That wall must be kept high & impregnable. We cannot approve the slightest breach”. Kind of like the fence at our southern border, eh? It’s funny how judges refuse to look for our framers original intent. It’s not hard to find. I did. Thomas Jefferson explained it as a prevention of the establishment of a national religion. I understand that, but then I’m not a justice. Let’s see what James Madison said. You know, the guy that wrote the Constitution! He said, “ The people fear one sect might obtain a preeminence, or two combine together, and establish a religion to which they would compel others to conform.” How about we just go back to the constitution & stop relying on case law.

Soros Hedge Fund

So George, call me Jepedo, Soros has decided to take his Quantum Hedge Fund private. Wonder why he’s doing that? Well, the explanation is that new financial laws will cause conflicts of interest & investor reporting problems with the SEC. The new law reguires hedge funds to report outside investor information. Why would that be a problem? Why would an investor not want people to know he was invested in “The Devil’s” hedge fund? I, for one, would love to know who’s in bed with that evil bastard. I’m just sayin.

Republican spending cuts are Draconian

So I just heard Speaker Boehner touting the latest “Compromise”. It will cut spending by a whopping 1 trillion dollars (over 10 years). That’s a lot of money. Can we handle such deep & radical cuts? Not according to the dems. But a real quick & honest calculation will show us the following: 1 trillion over 10 years = 100 billion a year. We are currently borrowing between 100 & 140 billion per month (not per year). So the big spending cuts for the whole year will be absorbed in the first month they take place. UGH!

Lockout as Good as Over! (bout time)

The NFL lockout is finally coming to a close. The plan is for the 13 man Executive Committee to vote on the contract today. Then the 10 original plaintiffs will sign off on the deal. After that the 32 team player reps agree to it & then the vote by the balance of the players would take place. A simple majority would certify the contract.

Tuesday would see team facilities open & the signing of draft picks & rookie free agents. Teams could begin speaking with free agents on Tuesday & free agency would begin Friday evening. Some teams would begin camp on Wednesday, some Thursday, Friday & Sunday.