The Most World’s Most Expensive Restaurant

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I am standing outside an innocuous white door set in an entirely white building on the island of Ibiza.

It hardly seems the setting for the most expensive restaurant in the world. But I am told it is the magic inside that justifies Sublimotion’s £1,250 per head price tag.

This is the newest restaurant from two-Michelin star Spanish chef Paco Roncero – Spain’s version of experimental chef Heston Blumenthal – and I am among the first people in the world invited to sample its unusual concept.

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The meal is like an immersive theater experience and the food hugely enjoyable. The owners stand by the price, they say the cost of setting up the restaurant, the quality of the food and the 27 staff for a dozen diners explains the price. The also know that people will pay that for the latest dining experience in Ibiza.

The eatery – which seats just 12 people at a time – is part of the brand new Hard Rock Hotel, which celebrated its grand opening this weekend with live performances at its open-air, beachside concert space from disco king Nile Rodgers and garage stars Masters at Work.

We are promised that our taster at Sublimotion will be a work of theater – appealing to every one of our senses and transporting us to another world. 

While some may shudder at the price tag, celebrities and wealthy holidaymakers are already queuing up for bookings.

After a special coded knock, we are invited through the white door to a tiny room, with little more than a few artfully-placed boxes and a giant nitrogen tank – a key ingredient in many of Roncero’s dishes.

Sublimotion Rose II.jpg


 In a flash, the opaque window in front of us becomes transparent, giving us a glimpse of the 27 staff working in the kitchen to create the 20-course meal that is served up over a two-and-a-half hour ‘performance’ in the restaurant. Then all goes dark.

We are led into a old metal lift that – with the help of screens, lights and simulators – gives us the impression of plunging down below ground as music blares all around us. It feels a bit like a Disneyland ride, guests giggling nervously, wondering what on earth comes next.

We emerge into an all-white room with a white table and padded white chairs, with our names are beamed onto the table as place settings


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