Paintings or Photographs?

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They may look like photographs of luxury yachts but in fact they are life-like paintings by a British artist selling for as much as a real boat (albeit not a luxury yacht).

Jamie Medlin, who describes himself as a ‘marine artist’ lives in Cornwall and his extraordinary paintings often sell for around £100,000 ($168,000).

And it is often hard to tell that the pictures have actually been hand painted using a photographic style, which the artist says gives the works more detail and accuracy.

Mr Medlin has painted maritime art subjects for over 25 years, starting with boats from the Falmouth Working Boat fleet in Cornwall.

He studied at the Falmouth School of Art and Design before working in both London and Australia and then returning to his native Cornwall.

The main outlet for his work is Christie’s in London where he says he regularly submits to their marine art work sales.

It might look like a photograph of a super yacht but this is actually a painting created by the artist Jamie Medlin

The painting are often sold at Chrisitie's in London and can go for as much as £100,000, the price of a real boat

Artist Jamie Medlin, works on his latest masterpiece. He lives in his native Cornwall and has been painting maritime subjects for over 25 years

The paintings show such intricate detail meaning it is sometimes hard to tell they aren't actually photographs



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