WND Exclusive – 1 State and 1 School Bucking Gun-Control Mania

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Despite what they say, it’s understood what the left really desires. They do in fact want to confiscate our guns.

David Hogg, the new fresh face of fascism, even said so. “Yeah, exactly. It’s one of the loopholes, and we have to address those – a ban on high-capacity magazines and an assault weapons ban,” Hogg declared. So he doesn’t want to ban them all – just the scary ones – to start.

Oh, but it just got a lot worse. This past Tuesday, progressive leftist former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens let the cat out of the bag by proclaiming that he wishes to repeal the Second Amendment.

Watching the mainstream media, you would think everyone is on board with this lunacy. But not so. At least one state is fighting back the right way, and at least one university has done the unthinkable.

The same day former Justice Stevens was declaring his wish for the demise of the Second Amendment, the state of Kansas was considering legislation (House Bill 2789, or the SAFER Act) that may actually protect school children, by arming teachers and staff. Ironic, isn’t it.

“I’ve talked to several parents here. Some people feel like we should allow guns in school to protect, others feel we shouldn’t – so it’s kind of a 50-50 as far as that goes,” says Conway Springs, Kansas, Superintendent Clay Murphy.

Naturally, staff would not simply be issued a weapon and shuffle off to class.

Rep. Blake Carpenter, Republican from Wichita, who is a co-sponsor of the bill, says, “Teachers wishing to conceal carry would have to have an extra layer of proficiency, able to pass a firearm test taken by police officers. Basically they’re gonna be trained – and they’ll have the firearms skills/abilities as far as shooting-wise of that of a police officer. So that’s why we’re thinking, OK, this is going to cost them less as far as insurance goes because they’re better trained.”

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