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Only one name comes to mind when discussing terrorism these days – ISIS. And as well it should. It is the group causing the most problems for the West. We hardly hear anymore of al-Qaeda or the myriad other Islamic terror organizations.

Yet, as we know, ISIS is just the latest – merely an offshoot of al-Qaida, which was created from the remnants of the Mujahedeen and so on – but it was actually the Muslim Brotherhood that started it all. Yes, the Brotherhood, which our own politicians have described as being the most reasonable and moderate. The Muslim Brotherhood, whose members roam the halls of the Capitol and White House.

It is they who are the true founders of the modern-day Islamic terror movement and they who grew under the direct tutelage of the Third Reich. Yes – the Nazis.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by the father of modern-era Islamist radicals – a man named Hassan al-Banna back in the 1920s. It is said his hatred for the West grew during the British colonial period in Egypt. But he was not just a rabid anti-colonialist. His dream was that of a new worldwide caliphate, where Islam would dominate the planet. Sound familiar?

Al-Banna became a groupie of sorts of Adolf Hitler and wrote to him quite often. He considered Hitler to be a kind of kindred spirit, as both hated Jews, loved authoritarianism and were addicted to violence.

Hitler took a shine to al-Banna, and with the fuhrer’s support, a Muslim Nazi army was formed in Egypt. The newly formed Arab Nazi army pledged their allegiance to Hitler, vowed to help Gen. Erwin Rommel in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and promised the Reich that no British or American soldier would be left alive in Egypt.

Al-Banna accepted the assistance of another radical, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who hailed from mandatory Palestine, years before the formation of the Israeli state. The mufti actually traveled to Germany during World War II to form an Arab Nazi SS division.

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