Armed Leftists Block traffic and Threaten Drivers

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by: Brent Smith

Well, no matter what your current situation is, it could be worse.

You could live in Portland, Oregon, which is beginning to make Benghazi look like Disney World. And Benghazi at least had some good guys willing to fight. Where are the Portland police? Oh that’s right – they’re likely told to stand down or stand-by while dirtbag leftists with weapons block cars and threaten drivers.

The armed leftists – there’s an oxymoron for you – were apparently out “protesting” a legitimate police shooting of an armed thug, Patrick Kimmons, from 2018 – three years ago! What took them so long?

It was determined to be a good shooting by police, and they were completely cleared. Kimmons had alcohol and drugs in his system and had already shot two people, sending both to the hospital before police arrived. Other than that he was a model citizen – the kind that deserves a protest march.

And because these leftists are still angry over a righteous police shooting, I guess they have the right to now stop traffic, threaten and wave they weapons at innocent drivers, who’s only crime was being in the wrong place.

from the Blaze:

VIDEO: Heavily armed leftists surround, threaten lone Portland motorist. But when fed-up driver points his own gun at them, all hell breaks loose.

The same group attacked a different motorist amid the march; one leftist screamed, ‘You f***ed with the wrong f***in’ people, bro!’

Heavily armed leftists apparently acting as security for a march in Portland earlier this week pointed their guns at a lone motorist and threatened him before the fed-up driver exited his truck and pointed his own gun at them — and then all hell broke loose.

What are the details?

Video showed a large group of leftist militants marching down a Portland street Wednesday reportedly to remember Patrick Kimmons, a black man fatally shot by Portland police in 2018.

But a vehicle apparently leading the group came upon a pickup truck driver who was traveling toward the marchers, and the lead vehicle blocked the driver’s path — and in seconds, numerous militants descended upon the pickup truck driver and began threatening him.

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