A New Entitlement

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

I’ve struggled not to speak or write about the nonsense in Ferguson. The situation is so absurd it’s almost comical. I guess I wish it were a comedy. It’s actually quite serious.

I was quite pleased that justice, thus far, appears to have ruled the day. But again, where is officer Wilson to go to get his reputation back? Heck, how about just getting his life back. If I recall, there was even a bounty on his head. May still be.

But as we know, this Ferguson thing isn’t about Michael Brown or officer Wilson. It’s at least for some about reliving the “glory days” of the radical 60s civil rights movement and social justice.

It’s almost as if some black “leaders” want to re-create the Watts riot of 1965. Well, they’ve got a long way to go. Maybe that’s why Sharpton and his cronies are trying to stir up strife in several cities.

What happened in Ferguson? A few buildings were burned down – some more were looted. So some people’s lives and livelihoods were utterly destroyed. For the social justice crowd, that’s not good enough, and not enough of a price to pay.

Here are a few stats of destruction from the Watts riot that occurred between August 11 and the 17th, 1965. There was total of 977 private and public buildings looted, partially burned, damaged or completely destroyed. Of that number, 267 private businesses and buildings were completely destroyed beyond repair.

Is this what Sharpton, and frankly even Obama want? My opinion is yes. It’s exactly what they want. It certainly keeps Sharpton relevant and in the spotlight, which is exactly where he wants to be. And the police and other authorities are just supposed to sit back and let it happen.

Is this the new minority entitlement? Welfare isn’t enough? Obamaphones, free cable and high-speed Internet, free section 8 housing, food stamps, SSI, SSDI, WIC, free medical and dental – that’s not enough?

Now it appears minorities want the “right” to riot when they sense, or rather are told, some racial injustice has occurred. And we’re just supposed to accept that this is proper behavior?

What about the unarmed white kid, Dillon Taylor, shot by a black cop in Salt Lake City? The police chief there simply said “Officers should be held to extremely high standards, but that cannot be an impossible standard.” Oh really. And that’s supposed to be good enough?

Yes – to any reasonable person, that should be good enough, but are we not allowed to riot and burn down businesses? Answer: of course not. That new entitlement is reserved only for minorities.

Maybe now HHS will develop a new category of riot assistance. No, not for the poor permanently displaced shop owners. For the rioters. Maybe Obama will sign an executive order decreeing that each rioter get a per diem expense account – a living rioters wage.

I don’t mean to make light of the situation. It’s serious – deadly serious – but it’s also absurd to the nth degree.

Is not this administration always complaining about Israel’s lack of proportionate response to a Palestinian attack? What about the lack of proportionate response to the shooting of one thug who has been proven to be just that – a violent aggressive thug?

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