Ronald Reagan spoke of Us in 1964

by: Brent Smith

I was recently watching an old video titled, “A Time for Choosing,” by Ronaldus Magnus (h/t: Rush Limbaugh), or Ronald Reagan as non-ditto-heads would know him. Yes, I know and I agree that I’m a total geek.

But we can learn a lot by reading and viewing history, and some of Reagan’s old stuff, soon after his conservative eyes were open, are his most powerful.

Sure, he was an actor, but one could tell when he spoke, that he meant every word he said about conservatism and his love for America. read more

Scans Show Pterosaurs Unique Bone Structure

An illustration of a giant pterosaur
An illustration of a giant pterosaur
Davide Bonadonna

While dinosaurs roamed the Earth, flying reptiles called pterosaurs ruled the skies above. These included the largest animals to ever take flight, and a new study has uncovered some of the biological secrets that helped them grow so large. CT scans have revealed that the neck vertebrae of giant pterosaurs had a unique supporting structure never seen in any other animal.

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Want to End America? Pack the Supreme Court

by: Brent Smith

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Court Packing, or more specifically, packing of the supreme Court, is a democrat invention.

There can be no argument against this, as no Republican has ever suggested such a thing.

Only once in the history of our nation have we had more than nine supreme Court justices. read more

We Must Adhere to America’s Rulebook

by: Brent Smith

What does it mean when we on the right describe ourselves as conservatives? What is it that we are trying so hard to save, preserve or prevent the loss of – which is what to conserve means.

Those on the left would say we wish to conserve the days of slavery and Jim Crow – or maybe the white-old days of the 1950s before the Civil Rights movement.

Despite the fact that all those bad times were born of the left in this country, we conservatives wish to reestablish and conserve America’s original set of governing rules.

Our nation was founded on a set of ideals – the Declaration of Independence, and rules – the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yet Americans today seem only to care, and demand absolute adherence to some rules, while all but ignoring others. read more

WND Exclusive – Here’s why America’s going the way of Venezuela

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

A growing number of Americans, it seems, are surprised at how fast we are descending from a free and liberty-loving society to one that gives every appearance of emulating any one of many failed socialist/communist states.

But still most cling to the idea that this can never happen here – right? Of course not – although, for example, not too long ago Venezuela was one of the most prosperous nations on Earth. But hey – as the saying goes – they just haven’t done socialism/communism right. Seems no one has.

For years we conservatives complained about Obama – that he was a lawless president, he was despotic, that we’ve never seen anyone like him. How did he ever get elected? read more

Prehistoric “Eagle Shark”

Aquilolamna milarcae had a shark-like main body, with ray-like wings
Aquilolamna milarcae had a shark-like main body, with ray-like wings
Oscar Sanisidro

The whale shark and the manta ray are perhaps two of the ocean’s most fascinating large fishes. Well, scientists have now announced the discovery of a prehistoric ancestor of both, that looked like a cross between the two. read more

WND Exclusive – Cancel culture is erasing history – and America

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Now they’re canceling cartoons. They’re cartoons, people!

But that’s what leftists do and have done for over a century.

It began with Woodrow Wilson’s desire to rewrite the Constitution. His reasoning was that it was a fine document for its time, but was no longer applicable to the concerns of the day. You could say he was the father of modern-day cancel culture. read more

Weapon Wednesday – CIA’s Robot Catfish Spy

cia catfish charlie
Central Intelligence Agency
  • In the 1990s, the CIA built an unmanned underwater vehicle as part of a feasibility study.
  • The UUV was supposed to resemble a catfish.
  • It’s not clear if “Charlie” the catfish did any real spying during its CIA career.

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WND Exclusive – A Brief History of the Insidious Income Tax

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

As we are knee-deep in tax season, I thought it might be useful to explain why Americans aren’t rioting over the size of the ever-ballooning national debt and yearly federal budget deficit – how Washington is taxing and spending us into oblivion and yet we just don’t seem to care.

One of the reasons is surely that many Americans don’t feel they have skin in the game. read more

Cold doesn’t bother You – You’re a Genetic Mutant

One in five people are thought to carry a mutation that is linked to better tolerance to the cold
One in five people are thought to carry a mutation that is linked to better tolerance to the cold

New research has found one in five people have a specific genetic mutation that confers greater resilience to cold temperatures. The experimental study shows how people with a deficiency in generating a certain skeletal muscle protein shiver less and hold a higher core temperature in cold environments. read more