If the Left Disagrees – It must be Racism

When I post other writers articles, my normal want is to preface the article with commentary or thoughts to compliment or stress a particular portion of the article. Maybe it’s something I see that I believe some may miss, or may require further explanation.

However, the following Newsweek piece by Matthew RJ Brodsky, former Trump administration adviser, needs no such preface. It’s just that spot-on!

Enjoy the article:

from Newsweek:

When Everything is Racist There’s No Room for Reason

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Long Range Electric Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan
Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan

Fast-building its EQ family, Mercedes-Benz brings all-electric power to the flagship of the brand: the S-Class. After months of teasing, it has finally given the all-new EQS a proper world premiere. The electric sedan explores the highest echelons of the electric market with a range that pushes 500 miles, a sleek, slippery design that Mercedes defines as the world’s most aerodynamic, and more tech than some Silicon Valley zip codes.

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They Want to Abolish Police – Let’s Give them What they Want

by: Brent Smith

Are we living in bizarro opposite world or something. A world where the citizens of Columbus, Ohio can actually demand the abolition of police just for doing their job?

The officer who heroically shot the teen thug would appeared to be readying herself to stab another was amazing, having to assess the situation and then act decisively in only seconds. read more

Scans Show Pterosaurs Unique Bone Structure

An illustration of a giant pterosaur
An illustration of a giant pterosaur
Davide Bonadonna

While dinosaurs roamed the Earth, flying reptiles called pterosaurs ruled the skies above. These included the largest animals to ever take flight, and a new study has uncovered some of the biological secrets that helped them grow so large. CT scans have revealed that the neck vertebrae of giant pterosaurs had a unique supporting structure never seen in any other animal.

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Was Justice Achieved in the Chauvin Verdict?

by: Brent Smith

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Answer – It depends on what you consider to be justice.

In fact, if one was to simply listen to Nancy Pelosi, one would have to conclude that Floyd’s death was strictly voluntary.

How could I say such an inflammatory thing? Easily, for this is what Nancy said.
“Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice.”

Now Nancy – When you sacrifice yourself for something or someone, you do so consciously and willingly. It’s a choice. read more

Weapon Wednesday – Russia’s Nuclear Powered Torpedo

russian defence ministry testing new strategic weapon systems
TASSGetty Images
  • Russia’s giant nuclear-tipped Poseidon torpedo will undergo more tests this year.
  • With almost an unlimited range, the Poseidon would speed toward targets on America’s coastline, exploding a 2-megaton warhead next to them.
  • The Poseidon will be launched from a class of specialized submarines.

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The Crucial Element of Mask Mandates…

Is getting the ‘Experts’ to admit they’ve been Wrong from the Start

by: Brent Smith

Is any of this going to matter?

No matter how much proof has been, and continues to be compiled, that masks don’t even slow the spread of Covid, much less stop it, it doesn’t appear to difference.

Although it is shrinking a bit, it seems that still the majority of the American public are perfectly content living their lives in fear, continuing to don a worthless piece of cloth, rather than question the tyrants that maintain the seats of power. read more

Repurposed Old Drug for New Cancer Treatment

Phenformin, discontinued in the 1970s as a diabetes treatment, is now being investigated as an adjunct to cancer immunotherapies
Phenformin, discontinued in the 1970s as a diabetes treatment, is now being investigated as an adjunct to cancer immunotherapies

A new review article published in the journal Trends in Cancer is presenting a promising case for phenformin, an old diabetes drug related to metformin, being repurposed as an adjunct to new immunotherapy cancer treatments. A phase 1 clinical trial is already underway to test the safety of the combination treatment for skin cancer.

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Driverless Tesla is not yet Completely Driverless

by: Brent Smith

I’m all for slick new tech that has the potential to improve our lives, but there will always be a fine line between what will improve our lives and what is just plain crazy.

In my humble opinion, this is one of those times and one of those fine lines – at least for now.

Simply put, we are not yet ready for a driverless vehicle of any kind. We do not live in the movie world of Total Recall or iRobot, where every vehicle, cars and trucks, are driverless. And frankly I hope we never will be. read more

A Perfect Coffee Straw

The JoGo straw aims to be an ultralight, low-hassle way of enjoying coffee anywhere
The JoGo straw aims to be an ultralight, low-hassle way of enjoying coffee anywhere

A light, ultra-portable way of getting a morning cup of coffee, the new JoGo packs coffee-brewing power into a sleek straw. It pops out of a pocket and uses an integrated filter to deliver the rich morning flavor you want without the gritty grounds you’d rather not chew on. Designed by two wilderness guides and adventurers, it’s perfect for on- and off-grid journeys on which traveling lightly is mandatory.

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