Want to End America? Pack the Supreme Court

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by: Brent Smith

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Court Packing, or more specifically, packing of the supreme Court, is a democrat invention.

There can be no argument against this, as no Republican has ever suggested such a thing.

Only once in the history of our nation have we had more than nine supreme Court justices.

In 1789, the Judiciary Act established the first Supreme Court, with six Justices. In 1801, it was reduced to five, but was quickly returned to six. In 1807 an additional justice was added, bringing the total to seven. In 1837, two additional justices were added, making it what we have today. During the Civil War (1863) a 10th justice was added, but only briefly. In 1866, the number was knocked back down to seven. This shrinking of the court was also brief, as the number was put back to nine in 1869.

The Civil War era was a turbulent time for the court also, wouldn’t you say?

We have had a stable supreme Court in America, consisting of nine justices since 1869.

That is until the Franklin Roosevelt administration attempted to pack the supreme Court in 1937. And it was all because the radical progressive Roosevelt was a sore loser. He was upset that the court didn’t side with him and his disastrous National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) in the case of Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States (1935), allowing FDR to set and regulate wages, work hours, prices, etc.

But rather than accept the court’s entirely just and proper ruling, he decided to do what the dems are attempting now – pack the supreme Court so he/they don’t have to concern themselves with any pesky judicial push-back of their radical agenda.

In fact, the NIRA was perhaps the most radical aspect of FDR’s New Deal.

“Under the NIRA, most manufacturing industries were suddenly forced into government-mandated cartels. Codes that regulated prices and terms of sale briefly transformed much of the American economy into a fascist-style arrangement, while the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was financed by new taxes on the very industries it controlled. Some economists have estimated that the NRA boosted the cost of doing business by an average of 40 percent—not something a depressed economy needed for recovery.” Other than that the NIRA was great!

But, as I cited, the supreme Court pushed back, and Roosevelt took it as a personal affront.

Now, rather than wait for the supreme Court to push-back on today’s radicals, potentially suffering the same fate as FDR on some future leftist scheme, the Biden administration and the democrats have decided to preemptively pack the court. Or as Jerry Nadler said, “unpack the court.” What a genius.

And I assume they will get around to using an argument such as, “Well, we have 13 Circuit Court Districts, 11 plus the the D.C. and Federal District, so we need 13 Justices.” Never mind that we’ve been getting on just fine for 152 years without the additional four, and practically speaking since our founding.

But leave it to a New York Congresswoman, Republican Nicole Malliotakis to give some real-world perspective on just what the dems are up to. She is the daughter of immigrant parents who knew a little bit about this, as they fled Castro’s wonderful communist revolution in Cuba (1959).