Hillary Lectures State on Cyber-Security

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Holy Crap!! Are you kidding me? Of all people to lecture anyone on cyber-security – it takes a special kind of chutzpah for Hillary Clinton to do it.

The following video was dug up by Fox News. It’s video from 2010, when Hillary was Secretary of State. 

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3 comments on “Hillary Lectures State on Cyber-Security

  1. So turns out she DOES know how to do it the right way, within the laws, rules and regs…AND she insisted everyone BUT her do it that way. Intent…this shows yet again she knew better, knew she was wrong on every level and broke the laws, rules, regs, protocols and common sense in order to purposefully prevent anyone getting hold of HER communications…because she KNEW she was going to be peddling influence [soliciting and accepting bribes] just as she’s been doing for decades…

    I have many words to apply to her but for the purposes of this comment, they all start with “B”…as in BLEEP!!!!

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