Global Warming is Killing the Polar Bears – Not

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While reading this ridiculous account from the left chronicled by IBD, be mindful of these actual facts. The most recent Scientific Working Group Study of Polar Bear populations from 2016 shows a maximum of only 10,000 Polar Bears remained in the 1960’s. By 2005, populations increased to upwards of 25,000. They continue to increase each year. In 2015 the number jumped to maximum of 31,000 and last year, 2016, the number jumped again to over 32,250. I guess Global warming has been good to the Polar Bear.

from IBD:

No, Global Warming Isn’t Killing Off The Polar Bears

It’s a heart-rending video: A National Geographic video shows a plainly starving, shockingly thin polar bear rummaging for food. It’s near death. The tragic scene went viral on the internet.

“When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like,” said SeaLegacy photographer Paul Nicklen, whose video of the bear was later shared online by National Geographic.

And, of course, the media wasted no time in fixing blame: global warming.

The New York Times came right out and said it: “Experts and environmentalists say the broad answer — however controversial and nuanced it may be — is to reduce the present levels of global greenhouse gas emissions in order to curb global warming. In January, federal wildlife officials issued a report that called climate change the biggest threat to the survival of the polar bear.”

Not to be outdone, Britain’s leftist The Guardian newspaper laid it on thick: “Video footage captured in Canada’s Arctic has offered a devastating look at the impact climate change is having on polar bears in the region, showing an emaciated bear clinging to life as it scrounged for food on iceless land.”

Cristina Mittermeier, co-founder of SeaLegacy, the group that actually shot the footage of the starving bear, called the video the “face of climate change” in an Instagram post.

Unfortunately, the global warming guilt-mongering by the media and their allies in the green movement is almost entirely false.

Both the media accounts above and several others noted the lack of ice. But the area in question where the polar bear was wandering lacks ice every year at that time. They call it “summer.” So the lack of ice proves nothing, other than the utter tendentiousness of what passes today for environmental reporting.

The fact is, polar bears get diseases like parasites and cancer just like any other animal — or humans, for that matter. The bear in question is plainly starving, but it’s not clear why.

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