Fox is Bleeding Viewers – I Wonder Why?

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By: the Common Constitutionalist

Remember during the first Fox News debate in August of 2015, Megyn Kelly gave every appearance of an operative charged by some higher authority to take out The Donald. It looked as if she was (verbally) attacking Trump – and it sure appeared purposeful. At the time a number of conservatives, me included, came to his assistance, crying foul.

I wrote of how disheartened I was by the Fox Moderators. You may review the article here.

I began my review of that debate by positing the theory that is was the RNC and the establishment who were hell-bent to take out Trump and was frankly surprised to see Fox was charged with the task.

As an aside – it’s interesting to go back and review others and my stance on the candidates several months ago and how things have evolved since. I personally went from being impressed with what Trump had to say and his bravado in doing so to not so much. He was quite refreshing and attractive – at first.

Anyway, in February, Gateway Pundit posted an article entitled: “After Months of Constant Attacks on GOP Front-Runner Trump – Conservatives Lose Faith in FOX News.”

The author began by insisting that, “Conservatives are SICK AND TIRED of FOX News Channel’s constant attacks on Donald Trump – FOX News Channel’s constant attacks on GOP front-runner Donald Trump over the past several months have taken a toll.”

He writes that trust in Fox News had dropped almost 50% because of the attacks and quotes the Brand Index saying that Fox New Channel (FNC) “had reached its lowest point in three years,” which seemed to directly coincide with Trump’s rise in popularity trump-news-channeland the polls.

There’s a thing called a Buzz score that basically gauges an audience’s approval and therefore disapproval. Before that first debate the Fox Buzz was over 49. Since then it has steadily dropped to a low of 14 in February.

Yet as disappointed as viewers seemed to be, they kept tuning in to Fox for their “fair and balanced” coverage.

And then a funny thing happened. Over the past month or so viewers did begin to abandon FNC. What happened to cause hundreds of thousands of news junkies to cut ties with their once favorite and trusted network? And where did they go? You’ll never believe it. They went to CNN. I suppose I should be more precise. We went to CNN.

That’s right – AdWeek posted an article stating that CNN is now “No. 1 in Prime Time Demo on Cable News.” They handily beat Fox in the prime demographic of adults, ages 25-54. This is YUGE! – or as Joe Biden might say: It’s a huge F-ing deal.

CNN has increased viewership by 125% overall and 106% in the news only demo. Again – YUGE!

So what happened? Why did so many conservatives like me bail on Fox? Well – it ain’t rocket science. Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and the rest of us see clear as day what Fox has morphed into – the Trump News Network. It’s evident that virtually everyone at FNC is in the tank for the Trumpster and they appear not to care about hiding it.

CNN is entirely leftist, but we all know it going in. Yet even they will occasionally report the news. Speaking for myself and now evidently many others – I personally can no longer stand the constant sycophantic praise, twisted logic and excuses of The Donald in the morning on “Trump and Friends,” or in the evening on Don Hannity. For the same reason, I no longer listen to Rush or Sean on the radio. Thank heavens for Buck Sexton on the Blaze radio and Mark Levin rewinds.

If Fox stays the course, I believe they will continue bleed viewers and they deserve to. It will be fascinating, when this is all over, just how many of us will return to Fox, especially if their hero loses, which is likely – either to Ly’in Ted or the hag-queen Hillary. I may tune in just to see who they blame for his loss. Hint: It will be us.

About the Common Constitutionalist

Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).

5 comments on “Fox is Bleeding Viewers – I Wonder Why?

  1. I still tune in to a couple of FNC shows–at least briefly, depending on how long it takes to go full Trump. Hannity on radio and TV lost me long ago. Greta never really “had” me except for occasional bursts. As Cavuto slides, Kelly is rising (at least sometimes but I have hopes for her). The Five is now down to two (three on some things with Juan) I can stand to listen to–Guilfoyle and Bolling being all but dead to me.

    I’m about ready to make the switch to CNN as many others have done. I hear there are at least two “journalists” over there! How ‘outside the box’ of them.

    The world has gone insane when an orange painted snake oil salesman who more often than not can’t form complete sentences and who speaks lie after lie (then lies about lying) , can’t keep his story straight (to be fair, he hasn’t pretended to be a Republican long enough to know what one would say to issues) and is dividing us further than Obama has is being shoved down our throats as “inevitable” by a leftist mouthpiece media. Meanwhile that same bunch of status quo enablers and colluders ignores the single candidate who has actual answers to our problems instead of slogans and “more gov’t” which will speed our demise.

    Fox HAD a good thing going. Then they got sucked into the black hole of the Great Pumpkin. But we knew them when….

    • I forgot—good article, Brent. I’m also spending a lot less time on sites infested by Trump-sters and surprise! My sense of humor hasn’t died after all!

      • Glad to hear. Yes,brent,Good article. Its embarrassing to watch Fox fall all over themselves shilling for trump. Don’t forget, Michael savage is also a trump groupie.

        • I never listened to Savage anyway. I hear good things about Steve Deace who endorsed Cruz very early on.

          Regardless of the outcome of this election, this “time of choosing” is very likely to have lasting ripple effects. I tried to watch Special Report last night. I got through the negative tone of the Cruz reporting in the first part (as the orange one was apparently perfectly wonderful) but when the “panel” started in on Cruz, too with their nit-pickiness delivered with self righteousness…I was done. Nothing “fair” or balanced about them.

          “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

          …Betrayal by some “friends”, silence by others…many of us will not be forgetting that any time soon.

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