The Amazon is Burning – Wherever Will We get Our Oxygen

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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Mark Stein of Ice Station EIB was the guest host, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, on his national radio program Monday.

When I tuned in, Mark must been speaking of the Amazon forest fires, because he took a call on the topic. The caller began with the typical, “I’m a conservative, but…” intro. I think it’s what leftists are told to say by whatever group put him up to it.

After declaring himself a conservative he proceeded with the diatribe we’re already tired of hearing – that A: the cause of the Amazon fires are humans and B: it’s a catastrophe because the Amazon rainforest provides planet Earth with 20% of our oxygen.

As far as what is causing the fires, that’s yet to be determined, although, July through September is the dry season, so a simple lightning strike could set a dry forest ablaze.

The dry season happens ever year, which is why they call it the “dry” season. It is not “climate change.” Those who claim this are either true believers or agenda-driven liars.

The 20% oxygen claim is a relatively new warmist claim. However, it’s one that appears to be spreading like … well … wildfire. read more

The Cause of the Wildfires Is…A Forest Jihad?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Wildfires have raged across the Southwest. Environmentalists insist it is the fault of global warming. Oops, climate change.

They of course claim that hot and dry conditions can only be attributed to man-made warming. Our beloved president naturally had to weigh in.

On June 25 he stated his conviction that climate change is to blame. Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh Mr. President? He said: “Many Americans who already feel the effects of climate change don’t have time to deny it.”

It’s funny how often Obama insists we have no more time. He can’t wait for others to act. It never matters what the “crisis” is. We must always take immediate action. Pick any so-called “crisis” and you’ll find an Obama call to action.

But even man-made climate change (of which there is none) can start a wildfire. So what is the cause of the wildfires, like the Arizona blaze that killed 19 elite firefighters?

Many believe it simply lightening strikes. That seems to be the most reasonable explanation. A single lightning strike to an overgrown forest can easily spark a wildfire.

Yet there is an interesting twist to the possible cause of the wildfires. A Palestinian jihadist group, the Masada al-Mujahideen have recently claimed credit for setting the Western forests ablaze, particularly Arizona.

Does the name Mujahideen ring a bell? It is a new, similar version of the group we helped in their fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was part of a Mujahideen group in the ‘80s.

Their statement was posted on several jihadist forum sites. The post read: “We had previously announced an unconventional war against the occupation state of Israel, and then we escalated this war to reach its main supporter, America, so that it receives a major share of it, which will destroy their flora and fauna, with permission from Allah and then with our hands. In order to make it clear and to make it known that we can reach it [the U. S.] when we warn it, and to make it certain that our hands don’t just reach it but also strike it.”

The Post also boasted of the 19 dead firefighters.

In January 2012 the same group claimed credit for the Nevada wildfires.

US intelligence does not put much stock in the claims by the terror group. They believe the group is simply taking credit for a tragic natural occurrence.

But last year Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) claimed that factions of Al Qaeda were responsible for fires across Europe. This is the same intelligence service that warned us of the Tsarnaev brothers. Maybe we should start listening to them.

In a 2012 issue of Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” Magazine there was an 11 page how-to article on starting forest fires, a “forest jihad”

In the article was: “Fire is one of the soldiers of Allah. Imagine that, after all the damages caused, if a jihad organization were to take responsibility for the forest fires. You can imagine the dread it would cause people in the United States, Europe, Russia and Australia.”

By this did they mean to just take responsibility for the fires?

Well, Alexander Bortnikov, chief of the FSB said: “One should note that setting fires to forests in the countries of the European Union is a new tendency in Al Qaeda’s strategy of a ‘thousand cuts’. This method allows Al Qaeda to inflict significant economic and moral damage without serious preliminary preparations, technical equipment or significant expenses.”

As I stated, the conventional wisdom is these fires were not arson but naturally caused. I hope our “intelligence services” are taking a closer look. I’d hate to find out that they discounted the Russian claim and dropped the ball again.

Global Warming Causes Everything

By Michelle Malkin

Good news: The Waldo Canyon fire, which forced 32,000 residents (including our family) to flee, claimed two lives and destroyed 347 homes, is now 100 percent contained. Bad news: Radical environmentalists won’t stop blowing hot air about this year’s infernal season across the West.

Al Gore slithered out of the political morgue to bemoan nationwide heat records and pimp his new “Climate Reality Project,” which blames global warming for the wildfire outbreak. NBC meteorologist Doug Kammerer asserted: “If we did not have global warming, we wouldn’t see this.” Agriculture Department Undersecretary Harris Sherman, who oversees the Forest Service, claimed to the Washington Post: “The climate is changing, and these fires are a very strong indicator of that.”

And the Associated Press (or rather, the Activist Press) lit the fear-mongering torch with an eco-propaganda piece titled “U.S. summer is what ‘global warming will look like.'”

The problem is that the actual conclusions of scientists included in AP’s screed don’t back up the apocalyptic headline. As the reporter acknowledges under that panicky banner:

“Scientifically linking individual weather events to climate change takes intensive study, complicated mathematics, computer models and lots of time. Sometimes it isn’t caused by global warming. Weather is always variable; freak things happen.”

So, this U.S. summer may or may not really look like “what global warming looks like.” Kinda. Sorta. Possibly. Possibly not.

Furthermore, the AP reporter concedes, the “global” nature of the warming and its supposed catastrophic events have “been local. Europe, Asia and Africa aren’t having similar disasters now, although they’ve had their own extreme events in recent years.”

A more hedging headline would have been journalistically responsible, but Chicken Little-ism better serves the global warming blame-ologists’ agenda.

More inconvenient truths: As The Washington Times noted, the National Climatic Data Center shows that “Colorado has actually seen its average temperature drop slightly from 1998 to 2011, when data is collected only from rural stations and not those that have been urbanized since 1900.”

Radical green efforts to block logging and timber sales in national forests since the 1990s are the real culprits. Wildlife mitigation experts point to incompetent forest management and militant opposition to thinning the timber fuel supply.

Another symptom of green obstructionism: widespread bark beetle infestations. The U.S. Forest Service itself reported last year:

“During the last part of the 20th century, widespread treatments in lodgepole pine stands that would have created age class diversity, enhanced the vigor of remaining trees, and improved stand resiliency to drought or insect attack — such as timber harvest and thinning — lacked public acceptance. Proposals for such practices were routinely appealed and litigated, constraining the ability of the Forest Service to manage what had become large expanses of even-aged stands susceptible to a bark beetle outbreak.”

Capitulation to lawsuit-happy green thugs, in others, undermined “public acceptance” of common sense, biodiversity-preserving and lifesaving timber harvest and thinning practices.

Local, state and federal officials offered effusive praise for my fellow Colorado Springs residents who engaged in preventive mitigation efforts in their neighborhoods. The government flacks said it made a life-and-death difference. Yet, litigious environmental groups have sabotaged such mitigation efforts at the national level — in effect, creating an explosive tinderbox out of the West.

Stoking global warming alarms may make for titillating headlines and posh Al Gore confabs. But it’s a human blame avoidance strategy rooted in ideological extremism and flaming idiocy.