The Landscape is Changing – And Not in a Good Way

from American Thinker:

Fairfax County, Virginia Presents Dire Warning to America

My home county of Fairfax, Virginia was once a safe suburban area with some of the best performing public schools in the nation.  It’s now a blinking warning sign to America as it hangs on the edge of complete disaster thanks to unchecked immigration and Democrat takeover of the government.

Even with the high concentration of government workers, Fairfax County was once a Republican bastion before it became a political battleground.  The Bush/Cheney ticket won the county in a close race in 2000 and then lost it badly in 2004 due to a significant increase in Democrat votes. read more

Washington, Madison, Jefferson are Rolling in Their Graves

What would these three say of the state of Virginia today? One writer suggest the Commonwealth just bequeath Arlington and Alexandria to Washington D.C.

from the American Spectator:

Well, we learned one thing on Election Day: Virginia is for louts. This should not stand. It cannot stand. We have a reform proposal. Don’t know why we didn’t think of it earlier.

In 1985, when we moved from our Indiana home to our nation’s capital area, Virginia was our logical destination: a low tax, right to work land of freedom abutting Democrat statism and big government to the north and east. But that was then. Three plus decades later, the swamps of DC have spilled over all of our habitat in northern Virginia. In these conditions, government has mushroomed and poisoned the commonwealth, and the corresponding demographic boom of like-minded actors and their servitors has altered the indigenous character of what was once a swell Southern state. The end result we saw on Tuesday: a state whose voting habits are now more akin to California’s than to the Virginia of our forefathers. Demography is destiny? That’s what they’d like you to think. read more

The Left’s “Black Hole” Candidates

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So what did we learn from Tuesday’s various elections? First, we learned that Chris Christie, who won a landslide victory in New Jersey, thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips. It’s all but certain now, that he will run for president in 2016.


Yes, the moderates rejoiced as their new standard-bearer was reelected. Yet it seems the exit polls paint a bleaker picture, with Hillary Clinton beating him handily in a head-to-head – in New Jersey.


The radical left will love Christie to be the Republican nominee. They will dispatch him as they did the other moderates; Dole, McCain and Romney. They certainly don’t fear him. Oh, the press will love him until they have a chance to support a real liberal and then like McCain, dump all over him.


We learned that the Clintons were winners, with the election of their boy, the punk, Terry McAuliffe. He was inserted as a candidate only to benefit Hillary in 2016. His only job is to deliver Virginia for Hillary.


But most importantly we learned that the left has all but perfected the use of the “Black Hole Candidate”, who is inserted into a race to suck up voters who would, without that third choice, probably vote for the conservative. read more