Pentagon Declassifies UFOs. Does this Legitimize them?

from the American Spectator:

UFOs Get Realer

Science is real. UFOS are realer.

The Pentagon confirmed it late last month. They declassified three UFO videos. Only they weren’t UFOS — they were UAPs [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena]. That’s military lingo for UFOs. Defense doesn’t like to say UFOs. It makes them sound kooky. Kooky gets in the way of military procurement. You need gravitas when you ask for $718 billion. UFOs are anti-gravitas.

Which is why on April 27 the Pentagon felt put out when it released those three videos of UAPs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, and admitted they’re real and they’re spectacular, to borrow a Seinfeld phrase. But never mind — “Look over there! A pandemic!” read more