Trump Admits Mistake over Strange Endorsement

from iPatriot:

Alabama is in the midst of a nasty, dragging senate race that has been the recipient of an intense amount of Washington attention.

The reason for this is simple:  Alabama’s two major candidates are from polar opposite ends of the political spectrum, and the election has been seen as a referendum on how the atmosphere in the nation’s capital will shape up in the coming years.

On one side you have Luther Strange; an establishment republican with big-money ties, special interest backers, and a firm grip on what it takes to be a political elitist. read more

In the Vernacular of the LGBTQ Community – I Guess I am Politically Questioning

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Give me a reason to vote for Trump!

Mark Levin has as much as said he’s voting for Trump. He certainly isn’t endorsing him, but as he describes, his choice is between slitting his own throat (a vote for Hillary) and cutting his own arm off (a vote for Trump). He says he sure is not going to slit his throat, and unlikely to cut his arm off, but given the choice…

I’m obviously unconvinced of Trump. That’s not accurate. I am convinced of Trump – convinced that he will out-progressive George Bush and will out-Hoover, Herbert Hoover. However, I will not say he’s unqualified, as Hillary has. He is qualified to be president.

I’m also convinced of Hillary – that she is possibly – check that – absolutely the most corrupt individual to run for the presidency in this country’s history. Yet she is qualified.

I’m tired of hearing from both sides that the other’s candidate is unqualified. Both he and Hillary are fully qualified to be president. What? Are you kidding, you may be saying? read more

Trumps Actions Speak Louder Than Even His Words

by: the Common Constitutionalist

There is an old saying: Talk is Cheap – Actions speak louder than words.

Some would describe political talk as the cheapest of all. It’s been classified a double-speak, where a candidate or seated politician speaks a lot of words, while saying nothing at all. It could be an answer to press or constituent question or an attempt to filibuster during on on-air debate or interview.

We’ve all seen these political worms. It could be a simple and seemingly harmless question like what is your favorite color – and after about a thousand word diatribe, we know no more about his or her favorite color than before the question was asked.

This is one of the number one reasons people are supporting Trump. He doesn’t speak like a politician. Whether it’s rehearsed or not, Trump appears to speak off the cuff and without the usual measured tone or political filter.

Even I must admit – it is refreshing.

But regardless who the politician is, should he or she be judged by their actions, rather than merely their flapping gums? I would hope that most would, or at least should, agree. read more